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Commuter's Chavrusah Series 26 Bereishis Set - 12 CDs

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Commuter's Chavrusah Series 26 Bereishis Set - 12 CDs

12 Lectures Corresponding to the Book of Bereishis
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Product Description
12 Lectures:

Bereishis:The Bracha of Elokei Neshama She'Nassaata Be
Noach Are Non-Jews Onlyobligated in 'The Seven Mitzvos?"
Lech Lecha: "Schar Pe'sios" - should you work or drive to Shul? (Not on SHabbos of course)
Vayeira: I Have A Toothache/Headache/Cold - Do I Still Have To Daven?
Chayei Sarah: I WantYour Esrog/Teffilin/Menorah and IÆll Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse
Toldos: Who's Better For A Sh'liach Tzibbur - An FFB or BT?
Vayeitzei: Can The Younger Brother Marry Before His Older Sister?
Vayishlach: Twins: Must The Younger One Be Me'chabed the Older One?
Vayeishev: Business Parnerships With Non-Jews
Mikeitz: Must I Give Up My Hidur Mitzva for Your Kiyum Mitzvah?
Vayigash: OOPS! I Forgot Today's A Fast Day After I Made a Bracha.
Vayechi: Supporting Someone To Sit and Learn: Must He Be L'shmah?

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Product Details

Catalog # FC261D
ISBN #: FC261D
Format: Audio CD
Weight: 0.8 LBS
Published By: Yad Yechiel Institute
Release Date: 09/16/2013

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