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Laws of the Seder/

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Laws of the Seder
The comprehensive Kol Dodi exposition of the laws and rituals of the Seder night

By Rabbi David Feinstein (Author) 
List Price: $12.99
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Catalog #: LOSH
ISBN-10: 157819587X
ISBN-13: 9781578195879
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 91
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 0.70 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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Paperback    $8.99    $6.74  YES


Rabbi David Feinstein is recognized as a halachic authority of the top rank. The breadth of his knowledge, clarity of his analysis, and aptness of his application of principles and precedents to the question at hand make him a sought-after arbiter of the most complex questions of Torah law.

In this work, originally published in Hebrew as Kol Dodi, he turns his attention to the laws of the Seder. A digest of this quality could have been written only by a man of his caliber. Rabbi Feinstein pulls together the basic Talmudic passages and the relevant discussion of the major early and later commentators and shows how current halachah and customs were decided and adapted.

What is more, Laws of the Seder brings all the classic authorities to bear on the needs of the family at its own table. And that is the beauty of this work. It addresses the questions that may arise at the typical Seder, and it recognizes that not every family and individual are physically capable of carrying out every detail in the most ideal manner.

How much wine? What if someone cannot tolerate alcohol? Is it better to use less horseradish or more of a "bitter herb" that does not taste bitter? How much matzah? And what about the ill or elderly who cannot eat as much as they would like to? How do we translate the classic halachic terminology into inches and ounces?

Virtually every aspect of the Seder's halachic requirements - many of them totally unfamiliar to knowledgeable people - are covered in this authoritative work, and they are discussed clearly and accurately.

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Table of Contents

  1. The Mitzvos of the Night
  2. Drinking Four Cups of Wine
  3. The Correct Beverage to Use for the Four Cups
  4. Who Must Drink the Four Cups
  5. Reclining
  6. Seder Preparations
  7. Kaddesh - Reciting the Kiddush
  8. Urchatz - Washing the Hands for Karpas
  9. Karpas - Vegetable in Salt Water
  10. Yachatz - Breaking the Middle Matzah
  11. Maggid - Telling about the Exodus
  12. Rachtzah - Washing the Hands for the Meal
  13. Motzi - Reciting
  14. Matzah - Reciting the Matzah Blessing and eating the Matzah
  15. Maror - Bitter Herbs
  16. Korach - the Matzah-Maror Sandwich
  17. Shulchan Orech - the Meal
  18. Tsafun - Eating the Afikoman
  19. Barech - Reciting Bircas HaMazon
  20. Hallel - Reciting the Hallel
  21. Nirtzah - Concluding the Seder

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