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The Maggid Speaks

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The Maggid Speaks
Favorite stories and parables of Rabbi Shalom Schwadron shlita, Maggid of Jerusalem

By Rabbi Paysach Krohn (Author) 
List Price: $25.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $23.39

Catalog #: MAGH
ISBN-10: 089906230X
ISBN-13: 9780899062303
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 272
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.20 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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Paperback    $20.99    $18.89  YES


The tradition of the Maggid the speaker, storyteller, and profound ethicist has been best exemplified by Rabbi Shalom Schwadron, the great Maggid of Jerusalem. This book captures his eloquence and humor.

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Table of Contents

  • When the Tables Turned Introduction
    • Care and Concern
    • The Tenth Man
    • The Forgotten Loan
    • The Prized Possession
    • Seventeen Soldier's Lives on the Line
    • Secret Schemes
    • Charitable Conversation
    • The Maid's Music
    • May You All Be Blessed
    • The Telegram Told All
    • A Sense of Justice
    • Orchard for Sale
    The Gift of Giving
    • Confession at Sea
    • The Priest's Garments
    • For Boots and a Sweater
    • The Face of Self Control
    • Challah Sweeter than Wine
    • Two Baked Apples
    • No More than a Sniff
    • Spoonful for Spoonful
    • Wedding Plans
    • Reversed, Revealed, Revered
    Parents and Children
    • A Little Girl's Promise
    • Forbidden Food
    • A Trolley Ride - Tailor Made
    • Tears for Torah
    • Yahrzeit
    • A Time to Cry
    A Sixth Sense
    • Yitchak the Shikker
    • Yankele Moser and the Kelmer Maggid
    • A Treasure of "Glowing Letters"
    • The Lights that Returned
    • The Lottery of a Lifetime
    • Suitable Advice
    • A Nightmare to Remember
    • Perspective Insight
    • Standing Firm
    • A Lion at Dawn
    • A Grenade in the Tzaddik's House
    • Mind over Matter
    • A Question of Marriage
    • Purim Coins
    • Apples and Blessings
    • Apple II
    • At the Gates of Glory
    • Sand in the Water
    • To Life, to Life, R' Chaim
    • The Source of Blessing
    • A Cold Day in Siberia
    • Chutzpah
    • Showdown
    • Concern for a Student
    • A Spreading Fire
    • Daily Judgment
    • The Future is Now
    • Idle Moments Adding Up
    • What's The Rush
    Common Folks, Common Goals
    • A Mother's Kiss
    • Upside-down Roots
    • A Cab Ride to Jerusalem
    • The Light of Her Life
    • Honor Roll
    • With Pure Intent
    • The Cliffhanger's Dream
    • Priorities! Priorities!
    • The Lost Moment
    • Costly Candy
    Perspectives and Insights
    • A Kosher Pot
    • Lost in a Forest
    • Meirka
    • Angels in Waiting
    • Hearing is Not Enough
    • The Greatest Artist of Them All
    • Wrong Number, Right Party
    • Evan at the Last Moment
    • Mumble-Jumble
    • The Thought Counts
    • The Calculated Risk
    • The Return Trip
    • Seeing in the Dark
    • Asleep for the Trumpets
    • The Soul - The Spiritual Eye of Man
    • Son or Servant
    • On Target
    • Borrowed Yom Kippur
    • If the Coat Fits…
    • Heavy Load?
    • Of Shofars and Toothpicks
    • Diamond in the Streets
    • A Wasted Loan
    • The End of the Line
    • A Sign of the Times
    • A Tourist's Priorities
    • Whose Money
    • Out to Market
    • A Share for Whom?
    • A Father's Love
    Index Of Personalities

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