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Stories My Grandfather Told Me Volume 2 -- Shemos/

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Stories My Grandfather Told Me Volume 2 -- Shemos
Memorable Tales based on the Weekly Sidrah

By Zev Greenwald (Author) Libby Lazewnik (Translator) Tova Katz (Illustrator) 
List Price: $17.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $16.19

Catalog #: SG2H
ISBN-10: 1578195276
ISBN-13: 9781578195275
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 215
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 3.00 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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Paperback    $14.99    $13.49  YES

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No Sacrifice Too Great


You can't go wrong with good stories — and you can never get enough of them! That is an old but familiar story to anyone who has ever wanted an enjoyable read or needed something to enliven the Shabbos table or add spice to a conversation or speech. Here is a collection of stories that have stood the test of time — and the much more difficult feat of keeping the interest of listeners, especially young ones.

The stories in this book come from classic and contemporary sources, and the author knows how to tell them. Needless to say, a story is like good food: The presentation is half the pleasure. The finest ingredients without spice, slapped down on an unattractive setting, will be less than appetizing. So, too, a good story. The telling is all important. This author knows it and she knows how a story should be told. That's just one reason this book is enjoyable. The other reasons are that the stories are authentic, interesting in themselves, have a worthwhile message, and - last but not least - are arranged according to the weekly Sidrah, so that you have them when you need them most.

Whether you want a fine reading experience or you want to transmit valuable lessons painlessly and unobtrusively, this is a book to have in hand.

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Table of Contents

Parashas Shemos

  • Lost In the Woods
  • A Warm Gesture
  • Self-Control
  • Choosing Silence
  • R' Yosef Chaim to the Rescue
  • Stranger in a Strange Land
  • True Tefillah
  • Like the Blink of an Eye
  • A Final Warning
  • He Hated Honor
  • The Right Kind of Help
  • No Sacrifice Too Great
Parashas Va'era
  • A Special Love
  • Cast Your Bread Upon the Water
  • A Careful Calculation
  • In a Hurry
  • In the Merit of Torah
  • A Long-Remembered Debt
  • Ahavas Yisrael
  • How the Chofetz Chaim Reacted
  • Secret Weapon
Parashas Bo
  • Fighting for the Boy
  • Even a Dog Knows
  • Even the Dogs Sing His Praise
  • Anything for a Mitzvah
  • The Name of the Month
  • A Personal Invitation
  • The Test
  • The Great Bread Mystery
  • High Praise
  • Extra Work Bears Fruit
  • A Boy and His Tefillin
  • Tefillin in a Concentration Camp
Parashas Beshalach
  • How to Meet a Challenge
  • The Power of Song
  • The Secret of Song
  • The Name
  • R' Yisrael Salanter Opens a Hospital
  • Filling the Pots
  • The Mistake
  • Your Friend's Honor
  • Satisfied With Little
  • The Thirsty Horse
  • Without Warning
  • The Rebbe Takes a Partner
  • Shabbos or Exile!
  • A Candle in the Woods
Parashas Yisro
  • Midnight Rescue
  • An Old Friend?
  • True Devotion
  • Teacher and Student
  • The Blessing of Shabbos
  • His Father's Writing
  • A Promise Fulfilled
  • Not for Me
  • Fear and Trembling
Parashas Mishpatim
  • The Stolen Child
  • Taking the Trouble
  • The Care of a Cow
  • A Cat Problem
  • The Theft That Was Found
  • Top Priority
  • A Serious Responsibility
  • First Things First
  • Heaven's Decree
  • Harder Than Tempered Steel
  • A Valuable Visit
  • Rash Words
  • Forbidden Food
  • A Helping Hand
  • Unyielding Principles
  • "I Will Not Tell a Lie"
  • The Bribe
Parashas Terumah
  • The Miser
  • A Place of Their Own
  • The Inauguration
  • True Gold
  • The Boy Who Grew to be Great
  • Every Moment Is Precious
  • Love of Torah
  • Buried Treasure
  • On Second Thought...
Parashas Tetzaveh
  • Constant Devotion
  • On the Ladder
  • Hidden Greatness
  • A Special Blessing
  • A Real Tragedy
  • The Rebbe's Hint
  • Heaven Sees All
  • In Good Hands!
  • Timing Is All
Parashas Ki Sisa
  • The Importance of Tzedakah
  • A Lost Oppurtunity
  • R' Ezra's Dilemma
  • Crime and Punishment
  • The Best Present
  • A Special Blessing
  • The Imitation
  • Ready and Waiting
  • The Case of the Missing Rabbi
  • The Humbleness of the Great
  • The Boy
  • The Merciful One
  • Long-Range Plans
  • The Mocker
  • The Chozeh Sees
Parashas Vayakhel
  • All for the Shabbos
  • The Candle That Gave No Light
  • An Anonymous Chesed
  • A Better Mitzvah
  • R' Akiva Eiger's Special Gift
  • The Proper Education
  • The Right Intention
  • The Advocate
  • A Special Kindness
  • A Single Block of Gold
  • Love of Money
Parashas Pekudei
  • Tears for the Churban
  • "Help Me Learn!"
  • R' Shmuel Salant Gives a Berachah
  • Nurturing Greatness
  • The Hundred Stringencies

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