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Windows to the Soul - Bereishis and Shemos/

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Windows to the Soul - Bereishis and Shemos
A psychiatrist finds a wealth of ideas in the weekly parashah

By Rabbi Michael Bernstein M.D. (Author) 
List Price: $24.99
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Catalog #: WINH
ISBN-10: 1578194733
ISBN-13: 9781578194735
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 320
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.50 LBS
Published: by Shaar Press

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Read A Sample Chapter
Parashas Vayeishev: Joseph Rises Twice
Parashas Shemos: Crushing Labor


"Delve in the Torah and continue to delve in it, for everything is in it ... you can have no better portion than it." So teaches the Talmudic sage Ben Bag Bag in Ethics of the Fathers (5:26). More easily said than done. One way to appreciate the infinite wisdom of the Torah is to see what thoughtful, inquisitive, perceptive people have unearthed in their inquiries. This is such a book.

Rabbi Michael Bernstein, M.D. is a practicing child psychiatrist. His is a craft that teaches its practitioners to notice things that others overlook. In this book, he turns his skills to the Chumash and, like an explorer stripping away covers from ancient treasures, he reveals wisdom and insights that may well have escaped even lifelong students of the Torah. By combining his knowledge of Rabbinic literature and the classic commentaries with his understanding of people, the author shares new perspectives on the Torah.

Always original, sometimes provocative, unusually stimulating, and unfailingly grounded in the timeless tradition of Torah classics, this book casts an exciting light on areas that may have seemed unremarkable to the casual student. This volume contains Rabbi Bernsteinís observations on the Books of Bereishis/Genesis and Shemos/Exodus.

In the tradition of the great Mussar thinkers, Rabbi Bernstein relates the narratives and Midrashim of the Chumash to human behavior and thereby enables his readers to subject themselves to the lessons of the Torah. The charm of this work is that it makes the reader think, reflect, and then say to himself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

The title is Windows to the Soul. Indeed. This exceptional work will open many a window to many a soul -- and all the windows let in the light of the Torah.

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Other Selected Titles by Rabbi Michael Bernstein M.D.:
Windows to the Soul - Vayikra, Bamidbar, Devarim

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgments
The Book of Genesis / Bereishis
Parashas Bereishis
  • Jews Against Jealousy / Where Evil Hides / Three Times From Nothing / Forbidden Fruit / The Test Ada
  • Crafty and Naked / Hiding Among the Trees / The Descent From Truth / The First Lawyer / Ceaseless To
Parashas Noah
  • Why Are We Here? / Noah's State of Mind / To Drive Away the Raven / Husband and Wife / The Failed Redeemer / Individuals and Tribes / In Search of Terah
Parashas Lech Lecha
  • A Lot of Trouble / The Silence Treatment / Virtue Is Its Own Reward / Abram vs. Abraham / The Letter Trade-In / Eleven vs. Five
Parashas Vayeira
  • Water on the Lungs / The In and Out Policy / Direct Notification / A Little Bit of Water / Two Kinds of Kindness / Sodom Is Squeezed Out / Lot Seeks Refuge
  • The Dangerous Salt of Sodom / Lot and His Daughters / The Fountainhead of Jewish Kingship / Ruth Fulfills the Promise /
  • The Testimony of Seven Sheep / Plotting the Course of Life / After These Things / The Mountain of Oneness / The Providential Horn
Parashas Chayei Sarah
  • A Time to Depart / Double or Nothing / The Divine Matchmaker / Two Visions of Kindness
Parashas Toldos
  • Rebecca Abstains / He Honored His Father / When Esau Saw Red / The Gripes of Greed / A License to Deceive / Esau's Narrow Miss
Parashas Vayeitzei
  • Fallen Angels / The Neck of the World / A Watched Pot Does Not Boil / But Rachel Was Barren / The Right Time to Leave
Parashas Vayishlach
  • Three Paths to Prayer / The Unanswered Question / Why Shechem Was Annihilated / Measure for Measure
Parashas Vayeishev
  • Joseph Rises Twice / The Favorite Son
  • The Sale Is Final / The Seeds of Royalty / She Grabbed Joseph's Garment / Four Versions of Flight /
Parashas Mikeitz
  • A Shot in the Dark / Think Quick and Act Fast / The Growth Catalyst / To Face the Truth / The End of
  • A Cleverly Crafted Plan / A Strategic Move / The Unexpected Goblet / An Eerie Echo
Parashas Vayigash
  • The Gift of Grace / The Good Fight / Who Sent the Wagons? / Pharaoh's Rude Question
Parashas Vayechi
  • The End of Life / Of Swords and Bows / Egyptian Mourning
The Book of Exodus / Shemos
Parashas Shemos
  • Pharaoh's Hidden Fear / Crushing Labor
  • Soul Mates / Prelude to Prophecy / Remove Your Shoes / Why Moses Took Liberties / First Ask Permiss
Parashas Va'eira
  • Look at the Brother / Just a Snake / A False Sense of Security / The Sorcerers Succumb / Five Steps to Personal Redemption
Parashas Bo
  • Unprecedented Hail and Locusts / How to Stop a Plague / Pharaoh's Silence / Pharaoh's Hard-Hearted Servants / Blood on the Lintel / The Silence of the Dogs / A Significant Sign / Worthy of Redemption / Why the Rush?
Parashas Beshalach
  • They Left With Wealth / Stone, Straw and Lead / Aaron's Sister / Two Laws and a Stick / Beyond the Self / The Importance of Empty Pockets / Rephidim Spells Trouble / Travel Restrictions / Moses, Perennial Stranger
Parashas Yisro
  • Jethro Heard Everything / A Bit of Persuasion / An Unforgivable Sin / Ordinary Stones / Four Intermediate Commandments / Seventy-Two Verses
Parashas Mishpatim
  • Judicious Juxtaposition / Taunting as a Capital Offense / The Fourth Festival
Parashas Terumah
  • Testimony to Truth
Parashas Tetzaveh
  • Bells on the Way Out / The Missing Conduit / Covered Nakedness
Parashas Ki Sisa
  • The Order of Repentance / The Center of the Universe / Let Us Count the Words / A Time to Smash / The Semblance of Evil
Parashas Vayakhel
  • The Paradox of Fire / God's Dual Kingship
Parashas Pekudei
  • The Message of Monotonous Repetition / A Chariot in the Wings

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