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Clouds Of Glory/

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Clouds Of Glory
The Heartwarming touching and humorous adventures of two Bais Yaakov girls who span the bridge between New York and Kiev

By Goldy Rosenberg (Author) Miriam Greenwald (Editor) 
List Price: $19.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $17.99

Catalog #: CLOH
ISBN-10: 1578192900
ISBN-13: 9781578192908
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 181
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.00 LBS
Published: by Paamon Press

In Stock?: LOW


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Paperback    $16.99    $15.29  YES

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Chapter 11
Chapter 13


As the plane winged its way from Moscow to Kiev, Bleemie Kleiner – huddled deep down inside a not so clean airline blanket and wedged amongst hulking, vodka reeking Russians – wondered what temporary insanity had claimed her. Alone, except for her 48 cans of tuna, 10 pounds of cheese and 10 pounds of salami, her high flying adventure was just beginning.

As the pages of this unique saga unfold, you will laugh with Bleemie, cry with Bleemie, and ultimately wish that you, too, could have shared with Bleemie in the rediscovery of those “neshamos” in Kiev that 70 years of Communist domination could not obliterate. Bleemie, the little seminary graduate from Flatbush... Bleemie, who planted a new world of hope in the old world of cynicism...

Bleemie, the exuberant, creative, empathetic Bais Yaakov teacher for all seasons and all students (especially in Kiev) “presents” us with a fascinating true story of adventures “far and away” beyond the usual.

By the time you have finished this charming, funny, and yet oh, so significant book, you will be clamoring for more, much more! Goldy Rosenberg demonstrates unique ability to extract the best and the most humorous from each of the many unusual situations that Bleemie encounters as she pursues her dream of teaching Russian girls in Kiev. This book will take you on an unusual trip, one that will clutch at your heartstrings and change your perspective – and what a whale of a time you’ll have on the way!

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Table of Contents

Part 1

  • The Adventure Begins
  • "Ananei HaKavod" - Clouds of Glory
  • From Kiev to Babi Yar
  • Last One Down the Hill Is a Rotten Egg
  • Bris Mila International Style
  • Of Olives, Vodka, Coffee, and TuB'Shvat - Bleemie the Common Denominator
  • A View From the Boys' School
  • How Can You Be so Sure? The Big Test
  • All Fluff, but Lots of Substance
  • Under the Chuppah
  • A Taste of Shabbos
  • An "Americanske" in Kiev
  • The Name Game
  • Menorah Gets a Shot
Part 2:
  • The Return
  • Written With Love
  • Let All Those Who Are Hungry Come and Eat
  • Time for a Reality Check
  • Malky Goes Back
  • A Working Girl Now
  • For Whom Do You Teach
  • To Give Is to Get
  • The Visitor
  • Listen Up, Brighton
  • To Pay the Piper
  • They Do Care
  • Matchmaker Matchmaker
  • Frum Kids Need Frum Schools
  • A Time to Reap

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