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Don't Look Down/

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Don't Look Down
Refreshing perspectives on everyday life

By Rabbi Michael Haber (Author) 
List Price: $9.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $8.99

Catalog #: DONTP
ISBN-10: 1578194865
ISBN-13: 9781578194865
Binding: Paperback / Pages: 240
Dimensions: 5.5 x 6.5 inches / Weight: 0.60 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

In Stock?: YES


Read A Sample Chapter
DON’T LOOK DOWN: Striving for Excellence


Rabbi Michael Haber has a gift, and he is generous enough to share it with us. He recalls the famous cartoon character who goes running off a cliff and keeps on running on air - until he makes the mistake of looking down. He realizes what he's done, and falls into oblivion. What would Rabbi Haber do? Keep running, that's what! Because he knows that people can often do the impossible, if no one tells them it can't be done.

This little book is chock-full of precious observations, each prefaced with a story, and fleshed out with astute and witty quotes and comments applied to everyday life. To read Don't Look Down is to enjoy a wealth of short selections that are rich in stimulating content. If there is one common denominator, it is this: life can be sweeter than we ever thought possible - and a lot more rewarding, too.

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Table of Contents

    • DON’T LOOK DOWN: Striving for Excellence
    • OUR VIOLIN: Loving Torah and Mitzvot
    • WINDOWS: Taking Advantage of Opportunity
    • THE ATTIC OF YOUR MIND: Taking Action
    • ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY: Making the Most of Life
    • A BAG OF COOKIES: Giving Is Receiving
    • “SEDER” OF THE MIND: Life Lessons From the Passover Seder
    • FACE THE MUSIC: Accepting Responsibility
    • LITTLE DID THEY KNOW: The Magnitude of Small Deeds
    • I REMEMBER: Thanking Those Who Have Helped Us
    • LEFT FIELD: Coping With Frustration
    • LAME DUCKS: Taking Initiative
    • NOTCHES: Measuring Success
    • “I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WOULD CATCH ME’’: Integrity
    • AMNESIA: Giving
    • 9 TO 5: Dedication
    • G-D KNOWS THAT I AM RIGHT: Maintaining a Higher Standard
    • PROCRASTINATORS: Diligence
    • SALE!: Teshuvah: A Unique Opportunity
    • CROCODILE TEARS: “Pulling” for Others
    • WHITE ELEPHANTS: Avoiding Desperation
    • TAKE A DOSE OF EMUNAH: Overcoming Stress
    • THE MISERY TASK FORCE: Appreciating What We Have
    • SYNDROMANIA: Self-Confidence
    • WIN-WIN: Do Mitzvot, Benefit Your Children
    • I REMAIN...: Enthusiasm
    • LITMUS TEST: Performing Under Stress
    • THE BENEFITS OF GOSSIP: Watching Your Words
    • TWO SHIPS: Dealing With Death
    • OF MICE AND MEN: Acknowledging the Divine Plan
    • CRASH!: Patience
    • BOOKS WITHOUT PAGES: Learning From Others
    • GIVE AND TAKE: Giving With Sensitivity
    • OKAY!!!: Enthusiasm in Performing Mitzvot
    • STREAKS: Achieving Consistency
    • LIONS: Faith During Crises
    • Why People Fail
    • HOW IMPORTANT IS IT?: Keeping Life in Perspective
    • A GRANDMOTHER’S LETTER: Where Has Modesty Gone?
    • CLIFF NOTES GENERATION: Shortcuts Do Not Work
    • KILROY WAS HERE: The Person and the Prayer Are One
    • EUREKA!: Learning From the Dedication of Others
    • SPIN: Avoiding Self-Deception
    • IN THE MERIT OF ...: Lest Our Own Merit Not Be Sufficient
    • MINDING YOUR OWN BUSINESS: Getting Involved
    • USHPIZIN: Lessons From Our Ancestors
    • ROOMS: The Impact of “Small” Deeds
    • “QUACK,QUACK,” SAID THE EAGLE: Raising Our Sights
    • IMAGINE: Aspirations

    © Copyright 2008. ArtScroll.com All rights reserved.