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The Ethical Imperative/

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The Ethical Imperative
Torah perspectives on ethics and values

By The Jewish Observer (Author) Rabbi Nisson Wolpin (Editor) 
List Price: $24.99
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Catalog #: ETHH
ISBN-10: 157819508X
ISBN-13: 9781578195084
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 584
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 2.35 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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Chapter 4


In an age when “spin” is the national pastime and a culture where scandal is so common it has become boring, there is an almost unprecedented need for emphasis on traditional values and undiluted ethics. It’s here in this collection of articles from many of Judaism’s distinguished rabbinical and lay leaders. From such eloquent voices as Rabbi Shimon Schwab and Rabbi Avraham Pam to little-known laymen who have elevated the marketplace by their behavior, this collection of essays from the Jewish Observer offers solid food for thought and guides for conduct.

In the words of the 19th century K’sav Sofer, “There is no phase of behavior not addressed by Torah law. Every aspect of life has the potential for spiritual uplift.”

Read this book and you’ll agree — and be proud of it!

Includes a proposed high-school curriculum to teach ethics and values. An ArtScroll Judaiscope Book

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction - Rabbi Nisson Wolpin I. Business Ethics/Workplace Issues
    • Integrity and Faith in the Market Place - Rabbi Shimon Schwab
    • Did You Conduct Your Business Affairs With Faith? - Rabbi Avrohom Pam
    • Standing up for Torah Principles: Battles on the Personal Front - Professor Aaron Twerski
    • Making It in the Workplace and Creating a Kiddush Hashem in the Process - Yosi Heber
    • Challenge and Commitment - Dr. Gershon Kranzler
    • Torah Ethics in Business - Harold Jacobs
    • Employer-Employee Relationship in Halachah - Rabbi Noach Issac Oelbaum
    • Modern Business and the Prohibition of Ribbis - Rabbi Moshe Silberberg
    • A Proposal for a High School Course in Torah Ethics - Professor Steven H. Resnicoff and Yitzchak Kasdan
    II. Combating Societal Influences
    • More Than Mitzvah Observance: A Matter of Values - Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman
    • The Yeshiva Graduate's Obligation - Rabbi Avrohom Pam
    • Being Truly Jewish in a Society of Plenty - Rabbi Berel Wein
    • Greater Resources, Greater Accountability - Dr. Judith Bleich
    • In Search of Simplicity - Rabbi Nisson Wolpin
    • The Crisis Is Now II - Rabbi Aaron Brafman
    • The Ben-Torah's Dilemma: The Problem of the Divided Selfs - Rabbi Moshe Yechiel Friedman
    • A Nation of Devourers - David Schaps
    • The Challenges of our Current Galus: an Agenda for Greatness - Based on an address by Rabbi Elya Svei
    • When Fashion is Eloquent, What Does it Say? - Rabbi Nisson Wolpin
    • Some Thoughts on "Selling" Tzenius - Rabbi Nisson Wolpin
    • Fighting Assimilation From Within - Rabbi Yissocher Frand
    • The World Around Us: The Risks of Exposure, The Costs of Insularity - An Overview by the Bostoner Rebbe
    • You Can Take it with You - Rabbi Ezriel Tauber
    • Minimizing the Risks of Exposure - Rabbi Yisroel Reisman
    • The Time for Tikkun has Come. Are We Ready? - Professor Aaron Twerski
    • Where are We Heading? - Rabbi Aaron Brafman
    • Poison Ivy: Lessons of the "Yale 5" - Chaim Dov Zwiebel
    III. The Beis Din Process
    • Human Law and Torah Law - Rabbi Mordechai Gifter
    • Can Modern Legal Disputes be Settled by Din Torah? - Judah Dick
    • Batei Din vs. Secular Courts: Where Do We Pursue Justice? - Chaim Dovid Zweibel
    • A Layman's Guide to Din Torah - Yosef M. Braunfeld
    • The Exalted Status of the Beis Din Process - Adopted from a shiur by Rabbi Avrohom Pam
    • Respect for the Halachic Legal System - Based on an address by Rabbi Yaakov Perlow
    • The Secular Enforceability of a Beis Din Judgment - Professor Steven H. Resnicoff
    • A Proposal for P'shara: A Jewish Mediation/Arbitration Service - Yitzchak Kasdan
    IV. Legislative Concerns
    • The Rising Cost of Life - Rabbi Yisroel Mayer Kirzner
    • Using Secular Government to Promote Religious Interests - Chaim Dovid Zwiebel
    • The "Halchic Health Care Proxy" - Chaim Dovid Zwiebel
    V. Public Posture and Policies
    • The Jew in Galus: How High a Profile? - Rabbi Shimon Schwab
    • The Sweet Galus - Rabbi Chaim Dov Keller
    • A Matter of Life and Death - Chaim Dovid Zwiebel, Rabbi Moshe D. Tendler and Dr. Yoel Jakobovitz
    • Discordant Notes: An Essay on Galus and Egalitarianism - Dr. Aaron Twerski
    • The Orthodox Jew in the Workplace - a Legal Perspective - Abba Cohen
    VI. Introspection / Self Improvement
    • Why Do They Say Those Things about Us? - Rabbi Nosson Scherman
    • Accepting Reproof With Grace: A Formula for Growth - Rabbi Noach Orlowek
    • Whisper Above the Roar: Making the Case for Subtlety - Rabbi Matis Roberts
    • Teaching Moral Sensitivity-and Truth - Rabbi Heshy Grossman
    • News Clippings - Rabbi Nisson Wolpin
    • When the Penny Vanishes from the Purse - Rabbi Avrohom Chaim Feuer
    • Tzeddakah: A Matter of Justice - Eliezer Cohen
    • Learning from a Computer - David Schaps
    • The Invasive Spirit of Modern Values - Rabbi Yissocher Frand
    • Torah Study and It's Support - Shlomo Kohn
    • An Open Letter to My friend on the Slide
    • More Strategies for the Baal Nisayon - Rabbi Shmuel Halberstadt
    VII. Outreach on the Job
    • The One-Minute Kiruv Person - Yaakov Astor
    • Our Mandate to Generate Kiddush Shem Shamayim: A Private Matter - Rabbi Yisroel Reisman
    VIII. Of Role Models and Giants of Impeccable Integrity
    • The Ish Ha'Emes: Rabbi Shimon Schwab - Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Klugman
    • Integrity: Rabbi Moshe Sherer (excerpt) - Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Klugman
    • A Day in the Life of a Tzaddik Nistar: Dr. Shimon Askovitz - Rabbi Yisroel Greenwald
    • Kiddush Hashem in the House of Lords - Dr. Yoel Jakobovitz

    © Copyright 2008. ArtScroll.com All rights reserved.