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Faith & Fate - Deluxe Gift Edition

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Faith & Fate - Deluxe Gift Edition
The story of the Jewish people in the twentieth century -

By Rabbi Berel Wein (Author) 
List Price: $59.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $53.99

Catalog #: FAIT
ISBN-10: 1578195934
ISBN-13: 9781578195930
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 408
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches / Weight: 3.70 LBS
Published: by Shaar Press

In Stock?: YES


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Few authors are able to fuse facts with inner meaning like Berel Wein. For many thousands of people, he is the voice of Jewish history - better said, he is a wise and profound teacher who sees history not merely as a collection of events, but as a continuum from Creation leading to the final fulfillment of the Divine plan.

In this book, Berel Wein tells the Jewish story of a turbulent century. In fast-moving prose, with his trademark wit and depth, he navigates the dizzying pace of the busiest century in history, a century of hope and Holocaust, of historic benevolence and unprecedented cruelty, a century that saw the Jewish center of gravity transformed in unimaginable ways. Who, in 1900, would have predicted that in 2000, Eastern Europe would be a Jewish cemetery, that Orthodoxy in America would be resurgent, or that Eretz Yisrael would be the State of Israel and that its yeshivos and seminaries would be magnets for our finest and most committed young people?

This is a book about how Jews navigated through the decades of the century, but it is not about Jews in isolation. Berel Wein intertwines the story of the Jews with the events of the world and shows how each affected the other.

There is only one Berel Wein - and he presents us with a unique book. After all the hype about a new millennium, this is the book for Jews who want to understand an incredible century.

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Table of Contents


Full Index
This book has 20 sample pages. See all pages.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction Chapter One: At the Dawn of the Century — 1901-1910
    • Change and Turmoil
    • Class Differences Foment Cultural Revolution
    • Tradition Dissolves in the American “Melting Pot”
    • American Religious Movements Take Root
    • The Varied Faces of Zionism … and its Vehement Opponents
    • Revolutionary Fervor Sweeps Through Russia
    • Calculated Persecution, Inevitable Migration
    • Tensions Sizzle in Palestine
    Chapter Two: Implosion of the Old Order — 1911-1920
    • Labor Becomes a Potent Social Force
    • The Ultimate “Foreigners”
    • Harbingers of War
    • Dangerous Trends Surface
    • Hope and Despair Meet in the Promised Land
    • Alliances Seal Europe’s Fate
    • Victims of War
    • The British Take Palestine
    • The Bolshevik Revolution: Shortcut to Spiritual and Physical Devastation
    • Lord Balfour’s Weighty Letter
    • The Bloody Aftermath of World War I
    • The New Face of American Jewry
    Chapter Three: Distortions and Illusions — 1921-1930
    • The Critical Need of the Hour: Women’s Jewish Education
    • Zionist and Yiddish Schools Carve Their Niches
    • Division Marks Jewish Communal Life
    • Political Loyalties Create Enduring Rifts
    • Jewish Life is Crushed in the Communist Paradise
    • Embers of German Anti-Semitism Burst into Flame
    • Becoming Americans: A Turbulent Transition
    • Jewish Heritage in Turkey Devastated
    • Jewish Settlement in Palestine Continues Despite Hostility
    • Orthodox Leadership in the New Yishuv
    • The “Even-handed” British
    • The Great Depression Fuels Worldwide Anti-Semitism
    • A Survey of European Yeshivos in the 1920’s
    • Mir / Slobodka / Telshe / Grodno / Radin / Baranovitch / Ponovezh / Lomzeh / Bialystok / Kaminetz / Kletzk / Slonim / Kelm / Kobrin / Lubavitch / Radomsk / Warsaw / Kishinev, Chernowitz / Viznitz / Pressburg / Frankfort am Main / Berlin / Heide
    Chapter Four: The Ominous Sky — 1931-1940
    • Harbingers of Tragedy Go Unheeded
    • Hitler’s Maniacal Mechanisms are Set in Motion
    • A Brazen Scheme for World Domination
    • Jewish Leadership in America Stymied
    • Strife Erupts in the Yishuv
    • Proposed Solutions to the “Palestine Problem” Guarantee Continued Violence
    • American Jewish Life Crystallizes
    Chapter Five: World War II and the Holocaust — 1941-1945
    • The Jews Fight Great Britain…And Each Other
    • An Invincible War Machine Delivers Mass Murder
    • The Fuhrer’s Two Fatal Miscalculations
    • “Final Solution” Too Atrocious to Believe
    • The War Ends in a Mushroom Cloud
    • Scattered Seeds Take Root in the United States
    • Chapter Six: The Jewish State — 1946-1950
    • The Battle for Immigration to Palestine
    • Rare Circumstances Bolster the Zionist Cause
    • A State Born in Blood
    • Israel Fights for Survival
    • Internecine Religious Battles Set Future Agendas
    • Jewish Polarization in the United States
    • The Red Threat
    Chapter Seven: A Changed World — 1951-1960
    • Diaspora Jews Return Home
    • Ideological Clashes Confront the Young State
    • The Pawns of Superpowers Ready for War
    • How to Lose a War After Winning It
    • Absorption Woes: Who is a Jew?
    • An Intangible Strength of Spirit
    • Jewish Pride Emerges in the Diaspora
    Chapter Eight: Danger, Victory and Opportunity — 1961-1970
    • The Flowering of the Jewish State
    • The Arab Nations Agree on One Goal
    • Sounds of War Echo in UN Chambers and Beyond
    • “Entirely on Our Own”
    • Gambling on a Surprise Attack
    • “Jerusalem is in Our Hands!”
    • The Blueprints for Endless Strife are Drawn
    • The War of Attrition Gains Momentum
    • Terrorism Becomes a Fixed Reality
    • Jewish Euphoria Spreads Worldwide
    Chapter Nine: Uncertainty and Changes — 1971-1980
    • International Focus on Soviet Jews
    • Alienated Jews Begin a Return to Jewish Heritage
    • New Trends Make Inroads
    • Israel Exercises Sovereignty over New Territories
    • Israel is Taken by Surprise!
    • Painstaking Negotiations and Post-War Upheaval
    • The PLO Reveals its True Agenda
    • Trouble in Soviet Paradise: Refuseniks Rock the Boat
    • A Sudden Burst of Glory
    • Ideologies Align on the Question of Settlements
    • Political Rebellion Destroys the Old Guard
    • A Flicker of Peace Brightens the Horizon
    • A Dangerous Precedent Takes Root
    • The Changing Face of American Jewry
    • Reform and Conservative Movements Grapple with New Demands
    Chapter Ten: New Realities — 1981-1990
    • In the Shadow of Camp David
    • Chareidim and Sephardim Take on Political Clout
    • Israel Wades into the Quicksand of Lebanon
    • A “Fiscal Cult” Wreaks Havoc
    • Peres Tackles the Runaway Shekel
    • The Soviet Union is Dismembered and Disgraced
    • Festering Bitterness Brews the Intifada
    • The Splintering of the American Jewish Community
    Chapter Eleven: Hopes, Dreams and Illusions — 1991-2000
    • Return and Revival
    • A War Endured in Sealed Rooms
    • Poles Apart
    • Post-Zionism Cripples the State
    • Peace Now, Peace Not
    • Rabin Enters Dangerous Waters
    • The Turbulent Tide of Bloody Protest
    • Netanyahu Raises Hopes
    • Who’s Not a Jew
    • Lightning hits the Chareidi World
    • Desperate Concessions are Offered…and Rebuffed!
    • Steps Toward the Future
  • Epilogue

    © Copyright 2008. ArtScroll.com All rights reserved.