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Aryeh Kaplan Anthology Volume II

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Aryeh Kaplan Anthology Volume II
Illuminating expositions on Jewish thought and practice by a revered teacher.

By Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan (Author) 
List Price: $25.99
Online Discount: 10%
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Catalog #: KA2H
ISBN-10: 0899068685
ISBN-13: 9780899068688
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 400
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.60 LBS
Published: by OU / NCSY

In Stock?: YES



In this volume published by the OU and NCSY, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan asks hard questions about Judaism and its commandments, and he gives compelling answers that have broadened the horizons of countless people.

Included in this volume:

Jerusalem The Eye Of The Universe
What is the significance of Jerusalem?  Why is it the most important place on earth?  What is its uniqueness?  Why is it the only city mentioned in our prayers?  What is the source of its holiness?  Why can the Temple be located only on this one spot?  What is the mystery of its origin?  How are Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel connected with it?  Why is its status so significant to its friends and enemies?  This deep and revealing book contains the answers to these questions and many more.

Tzitzith - A Thread Of Light
Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan delves deeply into the mystery of the commandment of Tzitzith to reveal the link between Tzitzith and the ability of man to overcome sin and reach towards God.  This rewarding book provides insights into the connection between passion, clothes, self - control and the story of the serpent.  Tzitzith is the symbol of The God - instilled ability to choose freely and be master of our lives.  This masterful book covers every aspect of this important commandment from the practical to the mystical.

Waters of Eden: The Mystery of The Mikvah
It has been called the secret of Jewish survival - a mystical connection to the Garden of Eden.  What is the Mikvah's fundamental connection to birth, marriage, conversion and death?  How does a Mikvah purify?  How can a proper understanding of Mikvah bring happiness, freshness and fulfillment to your life?

Waters of Eden is the first attempt to explore the ancient Jewish practice of spiritual purification and immersion, lucidly and attractively in contemporary English.

Sabbath Day of Eternity
Why is the Sabbath the only religious observance mentioned in the Ten Commandments?  Why does the Talmud call the Sabbath "a taste of the world to come?"  Why is the Sabbath gaining adherents in an age of rapidly expanding technology?  How can we explain the mysterious hold of the Sabbath over the Jew?  What is the connection between the Sabbath, belief in God, affirmation of God as the Creator of all things, the Exodus from Egypt and the coming of the Messiah?  Sabbath - Day of Eternity, by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, answers these and many more questions about the day that is the heart of Jewish existence, offering explanations, philosophy and a concise guide to Sabbath observance.


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Table of Contents

This book has 19 sample pages. See all pages.

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Jerusalem Eye Of The Universe - Illustrated Gift Editon
Jerusalem, Eye Of The Universe
Sabbath: Day Of Eternity

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Table of Contents


  • Preface "Jerusalem: Eye of the Universe"
  • Introduction
  • Focus of A People
  • The Temple
  • The Sanhedrin
  • Kings and Prophets
  • The Gate of Prayer
  • Beginnings
  • Dedication
  • Rebirth
  • Eye of the Universe
  • Notes
  • Why the Sabbath?
  • Sabbath Rest
  • Sabbath Work
  • The Thirty-Nine Categories of Sabbath Work
  • A Taste of Light
  • Notes
  • What Are Tzitzith?
  • The Tallith Katan
  • The Tallith
  • Make Your Own
  • A Deeper Look: Clothing
  • G-d's Tallith
  • Numbers
  • A Thread of Blue
  • Notes
  • Introduction
  • Why Tefillin
  • What Are Tefillin
  • Using Tefillin
  • A Deeper Look
  • Between G-d and Man
  • By a Hair
  • The Mystery of Tefillin
  • For Girls Only
  • Tefillin In The Classics
  • How Tefillin Are Made
  • The Knots of Tefillin
  • The Laws of Tefillin.Some Final Questions
  • Notes
Waters of Eden
  • Introduction
  • Visiting A Mikvah
  • Why Mikvah
  • Niddah
  • Conversion
  • Pots And Dishes
  • Customs
  • The River From Eden
  • The Election of Israel
  • The Holiness of Sex
  • Man Against Nature
  • What is A Mikvah
  • Water
  • The Measure of Man
  • The Letter of Transition
  • The Ultimate Mikvah
  • Notes

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