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Reb Elyah/

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Reb Elyah
The life and accomplishments of Rabbi Elyah Lopian.

By Rabbi David J. Schlossberg (Author) 
List Price: $24.99
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Catalog #: RELH
ISBN-10: 1578192692
ISBN-13: 9781578192694
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 296
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.40 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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Read A Sample Chapter
Chapter 7


Few people epitomize an ideal more than Rabbi Elyah Lopian did during his nearly hundred-year lifetime. For three generations, he epitomized the Mussar ideal, and the name “Reb Elyah” was synonymous with Torah, piety, sincerity, wisdom -- all the sterling traits that were associated with Rabbi Yisrael of Salant and his greatest disciples.

After nearly eight busy and productive decades in Eastern Europe and England, Reb Elyah “retired” to Israel, where he longed to sit before his Gemara on a back bench of an obscure bais midrash.

It was not to be. He was asked to become the Mashgiach (spiritual guide) of the yeshivah in Kfar Chassidim. At his age? A new career? At a stage in life when he yearned for personal spiritual fulfillment? The Chazon Ish told him that he must accept, because righteous people must continue to blossom and serve and teach in their old age.

So began a fruitful new chapter in a glorious life. He transformed little known Kfar Chassidim into a hub of Torah and Mussar. His life became a textbook of growth and greatness. A typical story: He heard that a non-religious teenager was spending a few days in Kfar Chassidim and had decided to stay for Shabbos, without permission. When Reb Elyah sent for him on Friday afternoon, the boy was sure he would be asked to leave. Imagine his surprise when the nongenarian Mashgiach handed him a package and said, “You surely did not bring Shabbos clothes. Here -- I sent one of the students to buy clothes for you.” The visitor was shocked. But not the students of Kfar Chassidim. To them, it was typical of Reb Elyah.

Rabbi David J. Schlossberg is one of those students. He was close to Reb Elyah, molded by him. And now he brings Reb Elyah to us in this warm and inspiring biography, which is a textbook of saintliness. Every reader will be grateful -- and elevated.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    1. In Tune with Reality
    2. The Makings of Greatness
    3. Marriage
    4. War
    5. Tragedies and Salvations
    6. Lessons for Life
    7. Eretz Yisrael
    8. A Time to Teach
    9. The Language of Heaven
    10. A Holy Man in Their Midst
    11. "Hear Mussar and Be Wise"
    12. Revolutionary Changes
    13. The Rebbetzin's Involvement
    14. Off to the Future
    15. An Enlightening Concession
    16. The Fire of Mussar
    17. The Early Morning Investment
    18. Aiming for Perfection
    19. True Service of Hashem
    20. Reb Elyah's Shabbos
    21. Mussar Shmuessen
    22. Shidduchim
    23. High Expectations
    24. Attitudes Towards Rest
    25. "Only Natural"
    26. Back to Yerushalayim
    27. The Kol Eliyahu Series
    • Afterword
    • Appendix I / Excerpts from Tenuas Hamussar
    • Appendix II / Standards and Resolutions Adopted by Va'adim in Knesses Chizkiyahu

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