-- Chapter from Living Each Week -- Parashas Vayigash Chapter from Living Each Week -- Parashas Vayigash
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  Parashas Vayigash from
Living Each Week

By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski 

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Parashas Vayigash

Joseph said unto his brothers, "I am Joseph!" (Genesis 45:3).

    From the moment the brothers set foot in Egypt they were bewildered by the inexplicable events that were occurring: Why is the viceroy accusing us of being spies? Where in the world did he get that absurd notion? Why is he insisting on our bringing our younger brother? Why did he take Shimon hostage? How did the money we paid for the grain get into our sacks? How does the viceroy know our birth order so precisely? Why the plot to accuse Benjamin of thievery? In their anguish the brothers cried, "What is this that G-d has done to us?" (42:28).

    When Joseph uttered the two simple words, "Ani Yosef (I am Joseph)," all their questions were suddenly answered. Everything became crystal clear, everything made perfect sense, and not even the smallest item remained unexplained. No elaborate explanations were needed, and indeed, not a single explanatory word was said. "Ani Yosef" accounted for everything.

    "We, too," said the Chofetz Chaim, "are bewildered. We have many vexing questions. 'What is this that G-d is doing to us?' we have so often asked. There are so many unfathomable mysteries. Not even the wisest among us has been able to shed any light on the repetitious suffering and the tragedies we have experienced throughout history. How can any of this make sense?''

    The Chofetz Chaim states that one day G-d will reveal Himself to us and say, "Ani Hashem (I am G-d)," and suddenly everything will make sense. Everything that had heretofore been totally inexplicable will be understood by all. Everything will fall neatly into place, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

    We have every right to request an accounting, and indeed, we will receive a full accounting. But there will be no need for long dissertations and complex explanations. As with Joseph and his brothers, when two words were sufficient, the two words "Ani Hashem" will, at that time, explain everything.

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