-- Chapter from Patience -- Introduction: The Key to a Magnificent Life Chapter from Patience -- Introduction: The Key to a Magnificent Life
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  Introduction: The Key to a Magnificent Life from
Formulas, stories and insights

By Rabbi Zelig Pliskin 

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Learn Patience From the Impatient 

Introduction: The Key to a Magnificent Life

An interview with a highly impatient person paints a compelling picture of why we would be wise to cultivate patience:

Impatience has made me a nervous wreck. I hate to wait. After just a few minutes of waiting, I feel like climbing the walls. My irritation toward others is expressed in my tone of voice and the words that I use. I often regret what I say, but so far that has not slowed me down. My lack of patience has destroyed my marriage. Child-raising has been a long series of disasters for both my children and myself.

Whenever I do something, I feel a need for instant results. I would rather not get involved in projects that need patience. I look on in envy at the accomplishments of people with no greater talents and skills than mine, but who are patient enough to start something that will take time.

I lack the patience to learn new skills. My impatience has caused me to make many decisions that I have regretted. If I had had the patience to gather enough information, I would have saved myself much heartache and regret. I feel that I would need a miracle to become a patient person.

Patience is one key to a magnificent life. It is the foundation for achieving goals. Patience is the willingness to persist and persevere. Patience is needed to learn, to accomplish, to develop our character, and to interact harmoniously with other people.

Chronic impatience destroys one's life. Even milder forms cause considerable pain. Impatience causes stress which is harmful to one's health. Impatience breeds anger, leading to heated arguments and quarrels. Impatience greatly limits what one will learn and accomplish.

The essence of patience is to live in the present. We are impatient because we want to be in the future faster than reality will take us there. Realizing that we are where we are because it's the Almighty's will for us to be there now will enable us to be calm and utilize waiting time more effectively. Since we will generally be in the exact same place whether we will experience patience or impatience, it makes sense to choose to be patient.

"O.K., I've chosen to be patient, but how do I actually become patient?" you might ask. That is what this book intends to answer.

Just as in my other books in this series, the stories are the accounts of many different people I have interviewed or observed over many years.

Patience is a learnable skill. Even those who have been impatient their entire lives can learn to become more patient. Your present resolve and determination will transform you. The formulas, stories, and insights presented here are designed to create patience. It takes patience to master patience. Do yourself a favor and have the patience to read and reread this book. The inner calm you will gain will be a valuable resource in every area of your life.

I wish to express my everlasting gratitude to my parents. The patience of my late father, of blessed memory, and of my mother, may she be well, when I was growing up is appreciated more and more as time passes.

I am profoundly grateful to Rabbi Noah Weinberg, founder and head of Aish Hatorah. His patience to make his vision a reality has had a major impact on the lives of many.

As always I am grateful to Rabbi Kalman Packouz who helps spread the Torah message to many who are new to it.

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.