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Angels Don't Leave Footprints

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Angels Don't Leave Footprints
Discovering what's right with yourself

By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski (Author) 
List Price: $24.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $22.49

Catalog #: ADOH
ISBN-10: 1578197988
ISBN-13: 9781578197989
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 240
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.20 LBS
Published: by Shaar Press

In Stock?: LOW


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Self-Esteem and Marriage
Fulfillment - The Secret of Happiness
For This Is Why You Were Created


Then what do angels leave? Angels -- perfect, unchanging, without the ability to make of themselves more than they are -- leave us humans aware that we are unique because we can change and grow. We do leave footsteps as we march through life -- and one who follows those footsteps back through the stages of our lives, will see that we have changed.

Have we changed for the better? Lots of times. More to the point is this question: How can we understand our strengths so that we will know how to build on them? What is there about us that is holding us back? How can we leapfrog the obstacles?

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D. is a master at answering such questions. Take the case of the lawyer who was successful in his profession, an effective community leader, a dynamo of energy for good causes, a good husband and father -- but though basking in admiration, the man felt no satisfaction in all his triumphs. Why wasn’t he happy? Twerski shines a light on the dark secret for him and for us, and in the process brightens the man’s life, without diminishing his accomplishments.

Rabbi Twerski shows us all how to see the inner good that is obscured by the debris of everyday life. Angels do their job and move on without leaving a mark, but human beings stumble and scrape their knees -- and wonder if they can get anything right. They absolutely can -- and this book proves it!

“Hopeless” is not in the Twerski vocabulary, and he shows how to remove it from ours. In his many popular and powerful books, he looks at life and its problems and guides us around the pitfalls and into the sunlight. Packed with stories, saturated with practical advice, this book shreds the cobwebs that hobble the human spirit and focuses on opportunity and optimism.

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Table of Contents


This book has 9 sample pages. See all pages.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Just What Is Self-Esteem?
    • Self-Esteem —Universal Issue
    • Measurement of Self-Esteem
    • Ambition or Proving Oneself?
    • Self-Esteem and Marriage
    • Origin of Low Self-Esteem
    • Is Self-Esteem Compatible With Humility?
    • Fulfillment — The Secret of Happiness
    • The Trap of Discontent
    • For This Is Why You Were Created
    • Self-Esteem and Eating Disorders
    • Winning the Battle
    • Positive Living
    • A Well-Balanced Attitude
    • The Divine Omnipresence
    • A Perfect Diamond
    • The Supremacy of Intellect
    • Approach Emotions Cautiously
    • The Child Within Us
    • Free Will— The Crown of Humanity
    • Transforming the World
    • Just What Is the “Self” ?
    • Unconditional Love
    • Man Is Man and G-d Is G-d
    • Self-Esteem and Regression
    • Self-Esteem and Health
    • Self-Esteem and Control
    • Another Perspective of the Self
    • Indolence: The Arch Enemy of Self-Esteem
    • And What About the Body?
    • Conscious Vs. Subconscious
    • The Uniquely Human Faculties
    • My Own Best Friend
    • Healthy Self-Assertiveness
    • Successful Relationships
    • Self-Esteem by Identification
    • Self-Esteem and Attentiveness
    • Building Self-Esteem in Children
    • Avoid the Blame Trap
    • What About Humility?
    • Practical Tools for Self-Esteem (I)
    • Practical Tools for Self-Esteem (II)
    • Practical Tools for Self-Esteem (III)
  • Epilogue

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