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Commuter's Chavrusah Series 23 Bereishis Set - 12 CDs

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Commuter's Chavrusah Series 23 Bereishis Set - 12 CDs

12 Lectures Corresponding to the Book of Bereishis
List Price: $99.99
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Product Description
12 Lectures:

Bereishis: The case of the missing Shabbos bathroom tissue
Noach Shinui Hashaim - Changing the name of a Choleh
Lech Lecha: Inviting people to a Bris - Good idea or bad?
Vayeira:"I'm Mochel you"- Do you really mean it?
Chayei Sarah: The obligation to marry off the children: How far must you go?
Toldos: I don't want you to marry that man" - Must a daughter listen to her father?
Vayeitzei: Sheva Brachos questions
Vayishlach:Davening at Kever Rochel: Is it Mutar?
Vayeishev: Davening with a Minyan on Chanukah vs. lighting on time and other Chanukah issues
Mikeitz: Preparing for Shabbos - Thursday or Friday? and other issues
Vayigash:My Chumrah vs your hurt feelings
Vayechi: Will we make Pesach when Mashiach comes?

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Product Details

Catalog # FC231D
ISBN #: FC231D
Format: Audio CD
Weight: 0.8 LBS
Published By: Yad Yechiel Institute
Release Date: 10/05/2010

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