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Honoring parents - laws, insights, stories and ideas.

By Rabbi Moshe Lieber (Author) 
List Price: $23.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $21.59

Catalog #: FIFH
ISBN-10: 1578191912
ISBN-13: 9781578191918
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 210
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.10 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

In Stock?: YES



Honoring parents is an enigmatic mitzvah. On one hand the Sages suggest that proper fulfillment is almost unattainable; on the other hand the Torah, in a place no less prominent than the Ten Commandments, teaches that this mitzvah holds the key to long life in this world and the next.

Most people simply follow their instincts and emotions in trying to fulfill a mitzvah that, in reality, is replete with halachic detail. There is a constant need for knowledge, analysis, and guidance. This book provides it. It deals with realistic questions, and handles them authoritatively and sensitively.

  • May parents insist that their children pray with them at the same synagogue?
  • Does a daughter have the right to attend an Israeli seminary if her parents object?
  • May a surgeon operate on his parents?
  • How binding are parental instructions left in a last will? Or that no eulogies be offered? That a child not recite Kaddish?
  • What about nursing homes or home care?
  • Does this mitzvah extend to in-laws, grandparents, stepparents?
  • How do women, married or single fulfill the mitzvah?
  • When is disobedience permitted? Mandatory?

This book includes many previously unpublished rulings of HaGaon Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elashiv shlita.

Rabbi Moshe M. Lieber is the author of the The Pirkei Avos Treasury, Simchas Torah and The Pesach Haggadah Anthology. In the Fifth Commandment, he displays another dimension of his scholarship. In addition to the halachic exposition of the commandment to render honor to one’s parents, this work includes philosophical perspectives on the commandment and a sampling of inspirational stories on the subject. The Fifth Commandment is a broad canvas, encompassing all the hues and shades of this fundamental key to life.

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Table of Contents

This book has 7 sample pages. See all pages.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
    I - Parameters
    • Introduction / Degree / Forgoing Honor / Blessing / Coercion / Intent / Priorities
    II - Honoring in Word
    • Requests from Others / Addressing and Speaking with Parents / Alleviating Concern and Worry / Not Causing Anguish or Anger / Naming
    III - Honor in Deed
    • Food and Drink / Dressing / Shoes / Welcoming and Escorting / Standing Up / Offering Assistance / Providing for Parental Needs / Passive Honor
    IV - Reverence
    • Sitting or Standing / Contradicting and Validating / Using a Parent's Name / Parameteres of Reverence / Parents in Court / Bathing
    V - Between Parent and Child
    • Hitting / Relationships / Abused or Abandoned Children / Ger / Adopted Children / Divorced Parents / Non-Observant Parents / Ant-Social Behavior / Test-Tube Babies
    VI - Disobedience - When One Is Forbidden to Listen to Parents / When One May Ignore Parents' Wishes
    • To Transgress a Torah Law / Abetting Unhealthy Behavior / Obedience Without Any Pleasure / Torah Study / Prayer / Eretz Yisrael / Marriage
    VII - Abusive Behavior by Children (Medical Issues)
    • Cursing / Striking / Medical Treatment of Parents / Embarrassing
    VIII - Posthumous Honor
    • Honor / Living Monuments / Posthumous Instructions / Financial Obligations / General Posthumous Honor
    IX - Honoring Relatives
    • Stepmother and Stepfather / Brothers and Sisters / Grandparents / In-laws / Aunts, Uncles and Others / Priorites
    X - Woman and Kibbud Av Va'em
    • Honor / Reverence / Posthumous Honor / In-laws / Single Women

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