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Aryeh Kaplan Anthology Volume I

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Aryeh Kaplan Anthology Volume I
Illuminating expositions on Jewish thought and practice by a revered teacher.

By Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan (Author) 
List Price: $25.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $23.39

Catalog #: KA1H
ISBN-10: 0899068669
ISBN-13: 9780899068664
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 333
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.55 LBS
Published: by OU / NCSY

In Stock?: YES



In this volume published by the OU and NCSY, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan asks hard questions about Judaism and its commandments, and he gives compelling answers that have broadened the horizons of countless people.

Included in this volume:

Maimonides' Principles
This popular edition of the 13 Principles of Jewish Faith represents a summarized version of the original work which appears in Maimonides in presenting these fundamentals-to open the doors of the storehouse of Torah living and learning and to provide a keener understanding of the basic principles of Jewish responsibility to both the schooled and the unschooled alike.

The Real Messiah
Missionaries are spending untold sums in an effort to convert young Jews.  What is the Jewish response?  Why do Jews reject Jesus as the Messiah?  What is a "messiah"?  What will he accomplish?  What does the Bible really say?  What does a "savior" and "being saved" really mean?  Why do we believe that missionary claims are built on mistranslations, misquotes, inaccuracies and Biblical passages taken out of context?

In this penetrating analysis, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan uses actual missionary materials to refute missionary claims, and offers the traditional Jewish view of Christianity.

If You Were God
Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan had the unique ability to gaze behind the Godly curtain and reveal Torah truths which until now were reserved for scholars and rabbis.  In this profound and moving book, he has again taken us beyond simple and superficial concepts.  Here he delves deeply into the mysteries of the soul, the world and its purpose.

In a non-technical language, he opens our eyes, excites our minds, engages our imagination and reaches deep into our hearts with a message that must compel us to think, act and react.

This is an important book which takes us beyond the world of the superficial and mundane to a new world, a world in which the light of God will bring new meaning and purpose to our lives.

The Infinite Light
Searching for meaning is ultimately striving for God. This book was conceived as an atlas to aid the searching Jew in mapping his personal journey in the quest for the ultimate meaning of human existence, the knowledge of God.  Rabbi Kaplan draws from the entire spectrum of our tradition to present an understanding of God, His Torah, and of man's duty to observe the truths embodied in it.

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Table of Contents


This book has 23 sample pages. See all pages.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction - Rabbi Pinchas Stolper Maimonides' Principles
    • Preface
    • Introduction
    • The Thirteen Principles
    • Yigdal
    • The First Principle
    • The Second Principle
    • The Third Principle
    • The Fourth Principle
    • The Fifth Principle
    • The Sixth Principle
    • The Seventh Principle
    • The Eighth Principle
    • The Ninth Principle
    • The Tenth Principle
    • The Eleventh Principle
    • The Twelfth Principle
    • The Thirteenth Principle
    The Infinite Light
    • Introduction
    • Part One: Foundations
    • Part Two: God
    If You Were God
    • If You Were God
    • I. The Problem
    • II. The Questions
    • III. The Solutions
    • IV. The Conclusion
    • Immortality And The Soul
    • I. Meet The Real You
    • II. Naked Before God
    • III. What The Dead Think Of Us
    • A World Of Love
    • Chapter I
    • Chapter II
    • Chapter III
    • Chapter IV
    • Chapter V
    • Chapter VI
    • Chapter VII
    • Chapter VIII
    • Chapter IX
    • Chapter X
    The Real Messiah?
    • A Practical Guide To The Missionary Problem
    • Why Aren't We Christians
    • When A Jew Becomes A Christian
    • From Messiah To Christ
    • Ecumenicism and Dialogue 1263 C.E.
    • Was Jesus The Messiah? Let's Examine The Facts
    • Jesus And The Bible
    • Behold The Man: The Real Jesus
    • The Real Messiah
    • My Way Back - A Girl's Story

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