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Changing people's lives for the better

By Rabbi Zelig Pliskin (Author) 
Special Low Price: $5.99
Catalog #: KINDEI
ISBN-10: 1422610411
ISBN-13: 9781422610411
Binding: App Ebook

In Stock?: FUTURE

Published: by ArtScroll Shaar Press
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Paperback    $9.99    $8.99  YES


A kind person is a happier person -- because the light and joy you bring to others radiates back to you. Kindness is one of thepillars of Creation; the kind person is the agent of the Creator Himself. Kindness builds character and elevates the soul; it is a two-way street that leads to satisfaction and fulfillment.

This marvelous little handbook is the sequel to Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s best-selling Happiness: formulas, stories, and insights. Indeed, the two go together beautifully, because one trait leads to the other. Kindness is a book that will have a profound impact on the reader -- and his surroundings. Its short, readable, practical, down-to-earth chapters are a road map to personal enrichment and a guide in how to help others toward a happier life.

Rabbi Pliskin is a wise and understanding mentor to thousands, a gem of a person, and this is a gem of a book. Once you read it, you’ll want everyone you know to do the same. So sit back, turn the pages, open your mind and heart and let Kindness transform your life.

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Table of Contents

  1. Making a Difference in People's Lives
  2. A Few Seconds That Last Forever
  3. Joy for Kindness
  4. There Is a Reason You Are There
  5. Your Identity
  6. What Kind of Person Are You?
  7. You Are Unique
  8. First Thoughts
  9. Enter the World of the Other Person
  10. Be Kind Unconditionally
  11. Once You Give It Away...
  12. Anonymous Kindness
  13. It's Really Nothing
  14. Learn From Every Kind Person You Meet
  15. Have Humility
  16. Begin Little by Little
  17. This Person Needs to Be Helped Versus I Need to Help
  18. Do More Than Asked
  19. Don't Do Unto Others
  20. Forgive
  21. Even if You Don't Feel Kind
  22. The Thrill of Victory
  23. Better to Try and Fail Than Not to Attempt at All
  24. Note Your Distressful Experiences
  25. Sharing Your Experiences
  26. Express Gratitude
  27. Transcending Ulterior Motives
  28. If I Were...
  29. Don't Wait for an Invitation
  30. View With Compassion
  31. There, But for the Creator's Will, Go I
  32. Listen
  33. Reading Body Language
  34. Make It Happen
  35. Praying for Someone's Welfare
  36. Bless People in Your Mind
  37. Help the Same Person Over and Over Again
  38. The Way You See People
  39. Believing in People
  40. Leave People Feeling Better About Themselves
  41. Enhancing Self-Image
  42. Finding Strengths
  43. Positive Feedback
  44. Verbal Encouragement
  45. The Wealthiest Client
  46. Increasing Confidence
  47. Help People Set Goals and Reach Them
  48. Achieving Dreams
  49. How Have You Solved This in the Past?
  50. Positive Role Models
  51. Encouraging the Defeated
  52. From Self-Critical to Objective Observer
  53. Stop Put-Downs
  54. Change: Hard Work Versus Enjoyment
  55. Correcting Mistakes Sensitively
  56. Undo the "Curses" of Negative Predictions
  57. Counteracting a Negative Medical Prognosis
  58. Saving Money
  59. Stop Harming Yourself
  60. The Power of "Why?"
  61. The Power of "What?"
  62. What Stops You?
  63. Six Keys to Motivation
  64. Making Peace
  65. Enhancing Marriages
  66. It Will Be All Right
  67. Emotional States Are Contagious
  68. Teach Enthusiasm
  69. Cheering the Grumpy
  70. Happiness-Producing Questions
  71. Teach "No"
  72. Mistakes
  73. Be Prepared for Complaints
  74. Speak Up for Your Rights
  75. Being Taken Advantage Of
  76. Don't Blame People for Not Following Your Suggestions
  77. Don't Use a Hatchet
  78. Just
  79. Don't Condescend
  80. Don't Use Your Kindness as a Weapon
  81. Ten Don'ts
  82. Find Someone Who Can
  83. Every Time...
  84. I've Been Waiting for You My Entire Life!
  85. Carry on Kind Acts

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