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Shoah / A Jewish Perspective On The Holocaust/

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Shoah / A Jewish Perspective On The Holocaust
A Jewish perspective on tragedy in the context of the Holocaust.

By Rabbi Yoel Schwartz (Author) Yitzchak Goldstein (Editor) 
List Price: $24.99
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Catalog #: SHOH
ISBN-10: 0899064027
ISBN-13: 9780899064024
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 300
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.50 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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The greatest atrocity of many eras is the destruction of Europe's Jews. It is a tragedy so awesome and numbing that it defies comprehension. Attempts to come to grips with it have led to many conflicting points of view - and, more often than not, to utter frustration.

But not only does such massive horror as the Holocaust require a human response. Every personal and community tragedy does also. A parent dealing with the loss of a child, a breadwinner faced with the loss of a job, no tragedy is trivial to the one it strikes; and that person must find a way to recognize that the Hand that struck him or her was that of the Merciful One. How is an ordinary human being to do that?

In this book a distinguished Torah scholar-teacher and a colleague-disciple present a sweeping, moving, penetrating analysis. It is rooted in the broad sweep of Torah thought, solidly based on a dizzying array of sources, and presented with passion and clarity. Rabbis Yoel Schwartz and Yitzchak Goldstein's collaboration has gained wide respect and acceptance in Israel, where this book originally appeared in Hebrew.

Bravely and brilliantly, they accepted the challenge of dealing with the most difficult subject of this past century. Insisting that the reader not take the easy course of looking the other way, they provoke and enlighten. As they explain this great tragedy, they help us deal with all of the crises of life, with compassion and understanding.

This book is important, illuminating, inspiring. It forces us to think and, in the process, we grow. There is no higher praise possible.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction Contemplating History - Facing Tragedy
    Historical Analysis: A Jewish Approach
    The Rock of Justice
    • On the Suffering of the Righteous
    • The Suffering of the Righteous Within the Context of the Holocaust
    • "Where was G-d During the Holocaust?"
    • A Partial Reconciliation
    • In Conclusion
    "Why the Holocaust" - Searching for a Meaning
    • Birth Pangs of Redemption
    • Search for Sins
    • Assimilation and Decline
    • Zionism and the Holocaust
    • In Conclusion
    The Human Response
    • Nazi Germany - Exception or Rule
    • Nazism and the Abandonment of Religion
    • The Christian Role
    • Enlightenment Idols
    • Confronting the Moral Dilemma
    "Like Sheep to the Slaughter" or "Kiddush Hashem?"
    • "Like Sheep to the Slaughter….."
    • Racial Persecutions and Kiddush Hashem
    • In Death's Shadow
    • Confronting the Final Choice
    • In Conclusion
    From the Eye of the Inferno: the Rescuers and the Rescued
    • A Silent World
    • The Jewish Rescue Efforts
    • The Miracle of Survival
    • The Survivors
    • Great Is Vengeance
    • History's Pawns - Free Will and Providence
    • Writing the Historical Record

    © Copyright 2008. ArtScroll.com All rights reserved.