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Shas Illuminated Tractate Pesachim 2 CD Set

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Shas Illuminated Tractate Pesachim vol. 2 - CD Set (Tractate 58-121)

A 45 minute shiur explaining the main Rishonim and Achronim on each Daf
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Product Description

Illuminating the World of Daf HaYomi

With the popularity of the Daf Hayomi increasing exponentially with each cycle, many of it's participants have expressed the desire to be able to more easily access the main commentaries, from the Rishonim through the Achronim who offer a deeper understanding of the major Sugyos contained in each Daf.

Shas Illuminated has undertaken to present to the Limudei Daf Hayomi and to the general Olam Hatorah an in-depth shiur, clearly and concisely explaining the main Rishonim and Achronim on each and every Daf in Shas. Each shiur, intended to be learned after one learns the Gemara with Rashi, will be recorded by world-class Magidei Shiur in a clear and straightforward manner that will enhance, broaden, and unlock the treasures hidden in each Daf, including Halacha L'Maasah.

Each Shiur will highlight important perspectives on the Daf that are not covered in the standard Daf Hayomi Shiur. They will be a valuable asset to the Maggid Shiur, advanced learners and beginners alike. The 45 minute Shiur will enable those whose schedule precludes hours of study, to have a comprehensive understanding of the Daf. It will also provide a strong foundation for those who wish to further explore the sources on their own.

This valuable resource is the first of its kind being offered to the coming generations of Talmudic scholars in a widely available, digital format. We hope, that these Shiurim will B'Ezrasah enhance the quality of Limud Hatorah for those embarking on the thirteenth cycle of Daf Hayomi as well as providing a precious tool for B'nei Torah worldwide.

Taking on this small, additional daily shiur has the ability to change the standard cursory understanding of the Daf into a transformative Torah experience. Learning Gemara with the penetrating and illuminating insights of the Torah giants throughout the ages blesses one with a spirit of Kedushah , fulfillment and joy that is unsurpassed.

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Product Details

Catalog # SIPE2D
Format: Audio CD
Weight: 1 LBS
Release Date: 08/08/2013

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