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It's Not As Tough As You Think/

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It's Not As Tough As You Think
How to smooth out life's bumps.

By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski (Author) 
Special Low Price: $5.99
Catalog #: TOUGEI
ISBN-10: 1422610128
ISBN-13: 9781422610121
Binding: App Ebook

In Stock?: FUTURE

Published: by Shaar Press
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Paperback    $9.99    $8.99  YES


Life can be much easier if we cut its problems down to bite size... or at least put on some tenderizer. Too often we do just the reverse. We magnify small problems and make the softer ones tougher. After ministering to over 40,000 people 10 years as a rabbi and 35 years as a psychiatrist Dr. Abraham J. Twerski shares with us some of the invaluable insights he has gained through his extensive experience. Sure, there are many stresses in daily living, but we can take distress out of stress. We can modify our attitudes, use coping techniques, and reach out for help. Even big challenges can be dealt with effectively. Dr. Twerski shows how we can put a different spin on things, so that we can be more productive and happier. Here are just a few of the many ideas you'll find in this book:

  • There's Magic in a Smile
  • Stress Can Be Beneficial
  • Some Mountains Melt into Molehills
  • Lack of Success Is Not Equivalent to Failure
  • You're More Okay than Not. We are often told, "Don't just stand there! Do something!" O.K., but what? In this book Dr. Twerski points out some of the things we can do. His simple, down-to-earth ideas are refreshing in a world of complexities. New popular compact size 5-1/2" x 6-1/2

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    Table of Contents


    • May You Have Many Worries
    • Behind At Half Time
    • Who Wants to Be Married to a Loser?
    • It All Depends on How You See It
    • Where Do the Check Marks Go?
    • -If Only You Knew More, You Might Not Be so Frustrated
    • You Want to Be Heard, Don't You?
    • Avoid the Need for Regrets
    • Futile Actions Are Futile
    • It May Be Very Big
    • Take Things in Perspective
    • Judge Favorably and Act Accordingly
    • Stay Within Reality
    • Aged Wine Is Superior
    • Run for Your Life
    • Life Emulates Prayer
    • Losing Can Be Winning
    • There May Be Salvation in a Crisis
    • The Sage of the Salmon
    • Nowadays, It's Tougher
    • We Are Never Alone
    • There's Magic in a Smile
    • A Move In the Right Direction
    • Don't Get Paranoid
    • Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
    • First Things (Big Things) First
    • Tolerating Suspense
    • The Narrow Bridge
    • A Sober Outlook
    • Well-Chosen Words
    • Don't Respond Prematurely, Even in Thought
    • Silence Speaks in a Loud Voice
    • Converting A Mistake into Something Meaningful
    • Keep Your Interests Fresh
    • Crying Is Not a Sin (and Certainly Not a Shame)
    • Expect the Best, Not the Worst
    • Ambition or Proving Yourself?
    • Maybe I Do Have an Erroneous Self-Concept
    • They Are Really Not Talking About You
    • Positive Parenting
    • Want to be Nudnik-Proof?
    • You Are Worth It
    • Don't Wait for the Other Person to Say He's Sorry
    • Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
    • Growth Is Not Painless
    • Not Everything Emotional Is Psychological
    • Now, Isn't That Absurd?
    • Coping With Pain
    • There Is a Master Plan
    • Accentuate the Positives
    • You Can Expect Only What You Are
    • You Can't or You Won't
    • Escaping Reality
    • Don't Spread Misery
    • Some Mountains Melt Into Molehills
    • An Image Reflecting in the Water
    • I'm Not Perfect, You're Not Perfect
    • Tune in
    • The Joy in Gratitude
    • I've Got a Little List
    • Keeping it Simple
    • Our Roles May Change, But Not Our Value
    • Apologize? Not Always
    • Children: Going Away or Going Astray
    • Who Broke the Glass?
    • Beware of Geographic Cures
    • Lunchtime Is Not Worktime
    • A King Remains a King
    • Self-Sacrifice Is Not Necessarily Noble
    • A Laugh a Day Keeps Misery Away
    • Cut Your Losses
    • Forgiveness Is Within Reach
    • Stress Can Be Beneficial
    • An Unlimited Supply
    • Setback or Opportunity?
    • Making Wise Decisions
    • Enjoy Your Food
    • Criticism: Constructive or Destructive?
    • Lack of Success Is Not Equivalent to Failure
    • Brief Is Better
    • Do You Look How You Feel or Feel How You Look?
    • Overwhelming? That Depends
    • Be in Touch With Your Feelings
    • Alone or Lonely?
    • Don't Be Afraid to Accept Help
    • Keep Your Eye on the White Line
    • Have Mercy on Fools
    • Power Can Be Seductive
    • Learning to Pray
    • Keep an Open Mind
    • Dust to Dust - So What!
    • Putting Humpty Dumpty Together
    • Don't Extrapolate
    • You Are More Okay Than Not
    • Wisdom or Prophecy: Which Would You Choose?
    • Some Fears Are Good for You
    • Watch Out for Distorted Perceptions
    • Book the President's Room
    • Is It Fear of Success or of Failure?
    • It's a Mistake to Compound a Mistake
    • You're Never Too Old to Learn
    • Let Your Appreciation Be Complete

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