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Tales For The Soul/

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Tales For The Soul
A famous novelist retells classic stories with passion and spirit

By Yair Weinstock (Author) 
List Price: $19.99
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Catalog #: TSOP
ISBN-10: 1578192870
ISBN-13: 9781578192878
Binding: Paperback / Pages: 262
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 0.85 LBS
Published: by Shaar Press

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Chapter 6
Chapter 24


A person’s soul craves stories, desires to travel to faraway places. Grab hold of a story and within seconds you are transported to other worlds, you travel a thousand years into the past, you jump from country to country. You revel in the enchanted world of great men, are astounded by their stature and remarkable deeds. That is the essence of the tale, enchanting young and old alike.

So writes the author of this book -- indeed a very enchanting book, which does everything a great story book should.

Yair Weinstock is best known as a popular novelist and journalist, but he is much more. A Torah scholar of note, scion of a distinguished Jerusalem family, student and disciple of great men, and a man who lapped up insatiably the stories of elders and sages, who infused him with the memories and traditions that he brings to vivid life in this book.

He learned to tell a story from two masters of the art: his rebbe, the revered tzaddik Reb Moshe Mordechai Biderman of Lelov, and from his teacher the gaon Rabbi David HaLevi Soloveitchik. From them he learned the importance of accuracy and how a story “could take a part of history and bring it to life.” He learned that, properly told, a story has “layers concealed within words,” and “brings healing and salvation.”

Few of these stories are well known; some appear in print for the first time. Most of the stories are saturated with the soul of chassidus. Others are honed with the incisiveness of Brisk. All are told with charm and color and love. To read this book is to be transported to a world of the past, a world of the spirit, where every day is an opportunity to gain the riches of a better, truer, eternal world.

Read it and glow with the richness of a heritage miraculously captured between the covers of this beautiful book.

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Table of Contents


  • Healing Body and Soul
  • More than an Only Son
  • If a Man Digs a Pit -
  • Hillel the Tzaddik and Hillel the Wicked
  • Welcome
  • The Mohel in the Icy Wasteland
  • The Fruits of Tokay
  • The Doctor of Belz
  • To Give Up Everything
  • The Abandoned Wife
  • The Sign of the Twins
  • A Gift for the Bride
  • Entrance Ticket to Gan Eden
  • To End an Engagement, and to Forgive
  • A Covenant of Peace
  • To Survive Two World Wars
  • He Who Laughs First
  • Match and Rematch
  • A Gift with Dignity
  • A Watery Grave
  • Measure for Measure, Twice Over
  • So What Do You Think of My Wolves?
  • The Faith of a Gentile
  • To Find an Honest Man
  • The Prophecy of Yechezkel
  • The Thief of Tishrei
  • The Three-Stage War
  • A Spoonful of Cholent to Wake the Dead
  • A Mugful of Love
  • The Meat Grinder
  • From Istanbul to Nuremberg
  • My Hands Will Find Him
  • The Erev Pesach Prayers
  • Forming a Government
  • Not Worth a Bullet

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