By Rabbi Moshe Bamberger (Author)

Great Jewish Faith

A Panorama of Emunah and Bitachon Essentials by Torah Personalities
By Rabbi Moshe Bamberger (Author)

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Emunah and Bitachon. Courage. Optimism. Integrity. Strength.

They are all here, all the traits we need to navigate our challenges with serenity and confidence. They are here in these magnificent, full-color pages, in our Sages’ wise words – and in spectacular photographs and images that bring these concepts to vivid life.

This stunning addition to Rabbi Moshe Bamberger’s much-hailed “Great Jewish …” series brings us 100 powerful quotes from our Sages, each with a brief explanatory commentary, set upon a beautifully-designed backdrop of evocative photographs and images

Great Jewish Faith also features a “Hashgachah Pratis Journal,” where the reader can chronicle episodes from his own life, strengthening his faith through personal experience.

The Alter of Kelm, who also appears in Great Jewish Faith, once said: “Since Emunah is the most necessary element of spiritual life, wherever you seek it – it is found.” If you are searching for Emunah, and a host of other vital traits and concepts, just open the pages of this book.

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