By Rabbi Emanuel Feldman (Author)

Tales Out Of Shul

The unorthodox journal of an Orthodox rabbi.
By Rabbi Emanuel Feldman (Author)

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If there were a hall of fame of America's Orthodox rabbinate, Emanuel Feldman would be a charter member. Long before the word teshuvah became fashionable, he took a moribund congregation in Atlanta, turned it into a vibrant community, and led it for 40 years. In this poignant, delightful, provocative, uproarious, idealistic, uplifting journal, Rabbi Feldman takes us behind the pulpit as no one ever has before. Meet saints and scoundrels, righteous people and sinners, the movers and the meek. Tag along on countless everyday adventures. Taste sweet success and bitter failure. A marvelous book, by a heroic leader, graceful writer, and incisive thinker. Don't miss it! A Shaar Press Publication.

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Catalog # TOSH
ISBN-10 : 0899065171
ISBN # : 9780899065175
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 307
Dimensions : 6 x 9 x 0.813 inches
Weight: 1.4 LBS
Published By : ArtScroll Shaar Press
Release Date : 11/15/1996
Size : Standard
Language: English
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