By Sara Yoheved Rigler (Author)

Holy Woman

The road to greatness of Rebbetzin Chaya Sara Kramer
By Sara Yoheved Rigler (Author)

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Visitors streamed to them for guidance and blessings; leading Rabbonim treated them with reverence. Living in a humble shack, poverty clung to them like the dust of the surrounding Jezre'el Valley. Childless themselves, they cared for cast-off children with profound handicaps. By life's end, Rebbitzen Chaya Sara Kramer, together with her husband Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Kramer, had transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

This book chronicles a fascinating story of these hidden tzaddikim. But it is far more than a biography. It is a manual - a map of lessons - delineating Rebbitzen Kramer's prescription for personal greatness. An amazing person with a rare degree of humility, she left us a legacy of experience, knowledge and wisdom by which to elevate our own lives.

Author Sara Yoheved Rigler, a talented and refreshing writer, draws the reader deeply into the circle of her own close personal relationship with Rebbitzen Kramer. While the story line is riveting, the life lessons are profoundly applicable. A page-turner unlike any you've read, the messages of Holy Woman will inspire you to new heights of Torah living and learning.

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