By Rabbi David Sutton (Author)

Stories of Spirit and Faith

Fascinating tales from life in Aleppo
By Rabbi David Sutton (Author)

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Few things are as thoroughly enjoyable as a well-told story.

Welcome to this unique collection of over 130 wonderful stories that are sure to entertain and inspire young and old alike.

These rich tales are riveting, suspenseful, and witty - and they are even more colorful because they are set against the backdrop of Middle Eastern life.

Rabbi David Sutton, mined the rich and intriguing lore of the Jewish community of Aleppo, Syria - a community with a history stretching back over 2,500 years - and, in conjunction with Mrs. Miriam Zakon, chose and masterfully presented these stories.

An added feature of this book is the section of biographical information about the many personalities in the stories.

Stories of Spirit and Faith will transport readers of every background on adventures they are sure to enjoy and cherish.

"In this precious book, Rabbi David Sutton has gathered scores of entertaining and instructive stories. They introduce us to people whose Judaism was pure and sincere, whose lives were saturated with love of Hashem, love of Israel, and love of Torah. In short, these are the people who lived up to the ideals of Israel Eternal."
- from the Foreword by Rabbi Nosson Scherman

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