By Yair Weinstock (Author)

Tales for the Soul Volume 6 (Paperback)

A famous novelist retells classic stories with passion and spirit
By Yair Weinstock (Author)

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There's a reason Yair WeinstockÆs Tales for the Soul series has produced 8 bestsellers - every volume is filled with stories that are the perfect blend of gripping drama and inspiration! This new volume is now ready to take its place on the long list of Weinstock's successes.

This new collection is a kaleidoscope of stories that are real page-turners. As a world-famous novelist, the author knows how to bring out the warmth and beauty in each of his selections. The remarkable deeds of great leaders, the harrowing experiences and uplifting miracles of Jews living in faraway places and times become real to us down to the last detail.

As the title promises, these tales are truly gratifying to the soul -- and a joy to the heart.

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ISBN-10 : 1422602311
ISBN # : 9781422602317
Format : Paperback
Dimensions : 6 x 9 inches
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Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Release Date : 02/06/2007
Size : Standard
Language: English
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