By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Author)

The Rubin Edition of the Early Prophets - Personal size - 5 Vol Slipcased Set (Personal Size Set)

The Early Prophets - with a commentary anthologized from the Rabbinic writings
By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Author)

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Now, an instant classic is available in a new convenient size. The popular three-volume Rubin Edition of the Early Prophets grows to five-volumes, and shrinks to the handy size of 6 x 4 3/4. The five volumes include: Joshua, Judges, Samuel I and II, and Kings I and II.

You know and use the Stone Edition of the Chumash, which has become the standard English-language Chumash. But what about the rest of the Written Torah, the Prophets and the Writings? Where can we go for a sweeping understanding of the text, as understood by the Sages and the classic commentators ù presented in a way that makes it both accessible and enjoyable to scholar and layman alike?

The Rubin Edition provides the answer, thanks to the brilliance of the ArtScroll/Mesorah team of scholars and writers led by Rabbi Nosson Scherman. This translation and commentary on the Prophets is sweeping the English-speaking world, providing new dimensions of understanding and beauty.

This is a perfect gift for Bar and Bas Mitzvas, for weddings and graduations, for birthdays - and don't forget one for yourself!

Product Details

Catalog # PRNS
ISBN-10 : 1422605795
ISBN # : 9781422605790
Format : Slipcased Set
Dimensions : 4.75 x 6 inches
Weight: 2.65 LBS
Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Release Date : 11/27/2007
Size : Pocket Size
Color: Blue
Language: Hebrew/English
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