The Shabbos Companion

Shabbos Eve - Customs, Prayers, Stories, and Zemiros.

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There are many English-language books on the market about Shabbos, but this book on Shabbos is different. Because it's by Rabbi Abraham Twerski, M.D. No one duplicates his flavor, and this warm and informative volume gives a new taste of what Shabbos means to us.

As a descendant of an illustrious Chassidic dynasty, Rabbi Twerski exudes generations of holy insights. The prolific author of over fifty books, he is a veritable wellspring of Jewish wisdom.

In The Shabbos Companion, Rabbi Twerski has woven an intricate tapestry of insightful stories, essential halachic background, and rich commentary on the customs, zemiros songs, and prayers we employ to welcome the Shabbos and infuse our homes and tables with its spirit of holiness and joy.

In his Introduction, Rabbi Twerski writes: Shabbos is the lifeblood of Judaism. When the Syrian-Greeks sought to uproot Judaism, they forbade observance of Shabbos. While we speak of the importance of a Jew being a "shomer Shabbos" (guardian of Shabbos), there is truth in the statement that "far more than Israel has safeguarded the Shabbos, the Shabbos has safeguarded Israel."

This volume, which covers Shabbos Eve, will help us appreciate how much the Shabbos safeguards us ù and we, in turn, will cherish the Shabbos more and more.

Also available: Volume 2 - Shabbos Day

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