Life is a Test - Spanish Edition

How To Meet Life's Challenges Successfully

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For over forty years, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis has been a globetrotting spokeswoman for Judaism. Whether counseling a searching soul or addressing a packed house in Madison Square Garden, her message is elegantly universal, while simultaneously addressing the specific needs of contemporary Jews. In Life Is A Test, the Rebbetzin's uncompromising convictions, her insights on faith, her soul-stirring wisdom, and her palpable love of all people saturate every page.

Life Is A Test is really three books in one, each bearing a particular focus to help readers look for the message embedded in any difficulty. The book begins with tests of self-discovery and then examines the challenging realm of interpersonal relationships, concluding with a section on perceiving the Divine Design in the big picture of global events, as well as in one's own world.

Regardless of age or experience, people of all persuasions - or none at all - will find meaningful substance in Life Is A Test. Rebbetzin Jungreis has captured so many of our deep-seated questions. And in this refreshingly personal book, she has graciously provided us with a decipherable answer key.

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