By Avi Fishoff (Author) Yaakov Y. Shain (Author)


Navigation For Your Soul
By Avi Fishoff (Author) Yaakov Y. Shain (Author)

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It's fun! It's different!! And it's authentic Torah!!!

GPS: Navigation For Your Soul takes some of the brilliant concepts of Nesivos Shalom and "translates" them into contemporary terms. You will find answers to fundamental questions like: How can I know if Hashem still loves me? Is my essence damaged from the sins that I have done? Why does Hashem make me suffer? And many many more! Filled with colorful pictures and fun language that makes us laugh while we learn, this book is rooted in authentic Torah wisdom.


"An important work! GPS has the power to inspire!" -- HARAV NOSSON TZVI FINKEL ZTZ"L

"GPS illustrates how the fundamentals of Yiddishkeit are to be applied in situation of real life!"-- THE NOVOMINSKER REBBEH SHLIT"A

"I thoroughly enjoyed your fresh approach!" -- HARAV SHMUEL KAMENETSKY SHLIT"A

"A wonderful book; very impressive! It comes from deep and it goes deep! EVERYBODY needs GPS!"-- HARAV YITZCHOK SCHEINER SHLIT"A

"GPS will be a huge benefit for anyone that delves into it!"-- HARAV MOSHE WOLFSON SHLIT"A

"GPS is both the: 'ounce of prevention' and the: 'pound of cure'!"-- HARAV SHMUEL DISHON SHLIT"A

"GPS lifts up your soul to appreciate the sweetness of life!" -- HARAV OSHER KALMANOWITZ SHLIT"A

"This is the work with which Hashem is engaged... to ensure that no Jew will be lost!"-- HARAV AVROHOM SCHORR SHLIT"A

"There is nobody out there who doesn't need the type of chizuk that GPS provides!"-- HARAV BINYOMIN EISENBERGER SHLIT"A

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