Living Kiddush Hashem

Sanctifying Hashem in everything we do

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Underlying our mitzvahs, our Torah study, our ethical and moral lives is one overriding concept: Kiddush Hashem, sanctifying Hashem's Name. Our primary privilege and responsibility is to increase His honor by bringing His majesty into everyday life. It differentiates and elevates a committed Jew. It's our never-ending mission.

But what, exactly, is Kiddush Hashem? How do we sanctify Hashem's Name? As a practical matter, what should we do?

Rabbi Shraga Freedman has made it his life's mission to raise Jewish consciousness of this vital precept. Now, in this groundbreaking work, he introduces us to practical strategies for making Kiddush Hashem an essential component of our lives. In the business world, in our homes and shuls, among Jews and non-Jews, there are infinite opportunities to sanctify the Name.

Living Kiddush Hashem is filled with true vignettes that show how Jews - gedolim and "ordinary" people alike - can sanctify Hashem's Name, day in day out. We discover that opportunities for Kiddush Hashem are everywhere: in the teeming streets of war-torn Shanghai, in an Israeli bowling alley, at a funeral in Colorado, as well as in Orthodox neighborhoods everywhere.

Making a Kiddush Hashem can be as simple as a smile - and as complex as the labyrinth of life itself. This book will enable us to master this concept, and make it the focus of our days.

We can live a life of Kiddush Hashem. This book is our roadmap.

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