By Brochie Roth (Author)

The Story of Rav Nosson Tzvi

A biography for young readers
By Brochie Roth (Author)

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Total courage. Total dedication. Total love.
Total Rav Nosson Tzvi.

He was only fourteen years old, a regular kid from Chicago, when he left his family and his school to go and learn in a small yeshiva in a far-off city. The name of the small yeshiva was Mir. The name of the city was Yerushalayim. And the name of the boy? Nosson Tzvi Finkel.

That young American boy grew up to be Rav Nosson Tzvi, the famous and beloved rosh yeshivah who built the Mir into one of the world’s largest yeshivahs.

This is the true story of how an “ordinary” American boy followed his dream and became a rosh yeshivah of tens of thousands of students. Nothing stopped him, not even a disease that left him weak and not feeling well much of the time.

In these pages we’ll see Rav Nosson Tzvi’s incredible dedication to Klal Yisrael, and, most of all, his unbelievable love, both for Torah and for every single Jew.

This is a story for anyone who has ever dreamed about doing something great. And isn’t that all of us?

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