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By Rochel Istrin RN (Author)


A Nazi Doctor. Three Jewish Children.
By Rochel Istrin RN (Author)

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They look as if they have been living liked hunted animals, Emsbach thought. I have not seen a living Jew for nearly three years, but they couldn't have been on the streets that long. Someone must have hidden them, and either they were discovered or turned out.
A feeling of compassion swept over him, even as he berated himself for the weakness of allowing emotion to hamper his judgment. These are the enemies of the Reich, he thought, tasting the bitter irony behind the words.

--from Hidden

Dr. Karl Emsbach's Nazi credentials were impeccable. A major in the Wehrmacht, nephew of an SS Brigadier-General, he looked upon the world with cold, emotionless, piercing blue Aryan eyes. He was a perfect, exemplary symbol of Nazi life and belief.

Except that there were three Jewish children hidden in his attic. And Emsbach was determined to save them from his own people.

Hidden is a novel, riveting, suspenseful, and exciting, a real page-turner. It's a saga that takes us through a decade of brutal war and fragile peace; that brings us from wartime Germany to the DP camps, post-war America and embattled Palestine; that introduces us to many unforgettable characters, some evil, some righteous, many flawed but searching. But more: though the story is fictional, it holds many truths — the truths of Jewish survival, faith and destiny.

Compelling, redemptive, transformational — Hidden is a novel that captures the indomitable courage that is hidden in every single Jew, no matter how endangered, no matter how lost.

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