By Rabbi Hadar Margolin (Author)

Living Simchah

Finding the joy in everything
By Rabbi Hadar Margolin (Author)

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Life is boring / frustrating / painful / disappointing (pick one)

It doesn't have to be.

I'll be happy if I get a new car / better job / great shidduch (pick one)

Not necessarily.

So where, then, can I find the simchah, the joy in learning, in mitzvahs and in life?

It's easier than you think. Just pick up this book and start learning how to live simchah!

Rabbi Hadar Margolin is a man on a mission - and that mission is to bring more simchah into our lives. As we see in Living Simchah, simchah is much more than a fleeting emotion. It's a powerful force, a way of life mandated by the Torah itself.

Living Simchah offers us step-by-step guidance to help us infuse all of our actions with simchah. In these short, readable segments, we will learn what simchah really is (and what it isn't). What the benefits are of living a life of simchah. How to deal with the "down days." Why simchah is a choice - and a mitzvah - and why Hashem wants us to live that way.

These brief segments contain so much: Torah hashkafah, quotations from classic works of Mussar, Chassidic writings, and Jewish thought, true-life stories, practical advice and, yes, jokes and quips to keep us smiling as we journey to true simchah.

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