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By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib (Author)

The Illuminated Shir Hashirim - Song of Songs

A treasury of illumination, calligraphy, micrography, commentary, insights and laws
By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib (Author)

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Often quoted, yet rarely understood, Shir HaShirim is called the holy of holies. It is the eternal story of G-d's love for His people, and our love for Hashem.

Rabbi Weinrib's magnificent illuminations, profound commentary, and creative imagery bring this volume to life.

  • Hebrew text with tropp
  • Artistic imagery drawn from the Midrash
  • Complete allegorical translation
  • Literal translation
  • English commentary

Product Details

Catalog # WSHIRH
ISBN-10 : 1422602141
ISBN # : 9781422619933
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 126
Dimensions : 9 x 12 inches
Weight: 2.15 LBS
Published By : Artscroll Judaica Illumination
Release Date : 03/19/2018
Size : Coffee Table
Language: Hebrew/English
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