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Kesuvim: Tehillim (Psalms) (Hardcover)

The Writings - with a commentary anthologized from the Rabbinic writings

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King David's timeless masterpiece of praise and faith, beloved through the ages, with flowing translation, thought-provoking commentary, and superb Overview by Rabbi Nosson Scherman.

This new volume includes:

  • The universally acclaimed ArtScroll translation
  • A clear, broad-ranging, graceful commentary
  • Newly typeset Hebrew commentaries of Rashi, Radak, and Metzudos
  • Introductions and explanations of concepts
  • Lightweight, opaque, acid-free paper; reinforced, sturdy binding
  • Gilded page headings; ribbon place marker
  • This brilliant, elevating work belongs in every Jewish library!

    Product Details

    Catalog # RKTE
    ISBN-10 : 1422620018
    ISBN # : 9781422620014
    Format : Hardcover
    Pages : 720
    Dimensions : 7.88 x 9.25 x 1.408 inches
    Weight: 3.2 LBS
    Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
    Release Date : 04/19/2018
    Size : Standard
    Color: Blue
    Language: Hebrew/English
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