By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Author)

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Czuker Edition Bircas HaMazon and Zemiros: Translated & Transliterated Leatherette Set (Slipcased Set)

By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Author)

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A fine gift idea -- for your host or yourself!

This beautifully crafted leatherette case contains 6 copies of the new Czuker Edition Bircas HaMazon and Zemiros: Translated & Transliterated each with a leatherette embossed cover.

A beautiful and practical addition to any Sabbath table!

The Sweet Songs of Shabbos - For Everyone!

No Shabbos table is complete without Zemiros. But for those who are first being introduced to the wonders of Shabbos, and who are not familiar with the Hebrew words, it's often hard to join in the singing. Even those familiar with Zemiros often do not understand the meaning of the words. Here are the Zemiros presented in the way that everyone can join in, whatever their level of Hebrew.

The Czuker Edition Transliterated Zemiros includes:

  • English transliteration of the Zemiros, appearing directly beneath the Hebrew text, so those who aren't familiar with Hebrew can still sing along
  • Translation of the Zemiros, appearing directly beneath the transliteration
  • All the Shabbos Zemiros, Birchas HaMazon (Grace After Meals), Kiddush, Havdalah and Melaveh Malkah service, special prayers for bris and shevaberachos
  • Clear directions and brief comments with background information
  • Overview of Zemiros by Rabbi Nosson Scherman

Product Details

Catalog # ZTRAPLS
ISBN-10 : 1422622487
ISBN # : 9781422622483
Format : Slipcased Set
Dimensions : 5 x 7 inches
Weight: 2.7 LBS
Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Release Date : 10/23/2018
Prayer Book Type: Interlinear
Size : Standard
Color: brown
Language: Hebrew/English
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