By Baila Vorhand (Author)

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Free To Be Me

Live a life that matters --- through thought, action, and dress
By Baila Vorhand (Author)

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Small book. Huge message.

Who are you? What makes you - you?
Are you only your face? Your clothing and possession?
Your talents and accomplishments?

Absolutely not. So who in the world are you?

Free to be Me will help you find the answer to that life-changing question. And, amazingly, it will help you find the answer through the mitzvah of tznius, modesty - which is so much more than a dress code.

Free to be Me is a very unusual book, because we live in very unusual times. It's practical, with exercises and summaries to help bring its ideas into our lives. It's relatable - it was reviewed by dozens of women, of all ages, to make sure it speaks to our modern challenges and concerns. And , with its light tone and great cartoons, it's just plain fun!

Free to be Me takes you on a journey of self-discovery. Get ready for challenges, surprises, and a whole new way of looking at yourself!

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Catalog # FTBMP
ISBN-10 : 1422622673
ISBN # : 9781422622674
Format : Paperback
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 5.25 x 8 inches
Weight: 0.5 LBS
Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Release Date : 01/29/2019
Size : Compact Size
Language: English
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