By Yisroel Besser (Compiled by) Nachi Gordon (Compiled by)

Meaningful Minute (Full Size)

Short messages of inspiration and hope to uplift and illuminate your day
By Yisroel Besser (Compiled by) Nachi Gordon (Compiled by)

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Everything a person hears and sees, taught the Baal Shem Tov, is meant for them: it's all personal. Sometimes, in the course of a day, we hear a message we know clearly is intended for us: words or scenes that force us to think, to rethink, to look deep inside ourselves.

The right idea or sentence, delivered at the opportune time, can change the course of a day- or a life. This book is a series of such sentences, each one a jolt of encouragement and hope, a flash of insight or inspiration, a tool for navigating relationships with others and with yourself.

Meaningful Minute, compiled by best-selling author and journalist Yisroel Besser together with Meaningful Minute founder and coordinator Nachi Gordon, is about the power of one minute: every word a block with which you can build, every thought filled with potential to uplift - short, but so powerful. Join with your family, your friends, or just find a quiet space where you can savor the ideas on each page by yourself, allowing them to fill your soul and teach you about who you are.

This isn't a book of information, and it's not a biography about someone else's life: it's a book about you -- not just what you can be, but what you already are.

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