By Rabbi Yechiel Spero (Author)

The Spark Within

Stories to touch your heart and light up your soul
By Rabbi Yechiel Spero (Author)

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What was the secret of the bus driver's unexpected kindness?
If there were ten Jewish men in the shul, why did the Ribnitzer Rebbe need another to complete the minyan?
How did the sweet fragrance of an esrog bring back a Jewish child lost for decades?

Sometimes, life seems so complicated. Challenges seem so hard. Problems seem impossible to solve. And then, we read a story and it touches us. It sets off sparks within us, which ignite into a magnificent light! And we realize: we can meet the challenges and solve the problems and make the world - and ourselves - better.

Those are the kind of stories we read in Rabbi Yechiel Spero's books.

Rabbi Spero's stories leave us uplifted. They help us see the positivity and the goodness all around us. They bolster our emunah, reignite hope when things seem hopeless, and put a smile back on our face just when we need it most.

So open this book, read the stories, and let the light begin to shine!

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Release Date : 03/12/2019
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Language: English
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