By Rabbi Heshy Kleinman (Author)

Praying With Fire Teens - Pocket Size (Pocket Size Paperback)

Igniting the Power of Your Tefillah - A 5-Minute Lesson-A-Day
By Rabbi Heshy Kleinman (Author)

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When the going gets tough, the tough... start praying.

  • I'm just an ordinary person. Why should Hashem listen to my prayers?
  • Why do prayers sometimes go unanswered?
  • How can I "face time" with Hashem?
  • How should I pray? When should I pray? And most important - why should I pray?

Let's face it: Life isn't always simple, even (especially?) for teens. But whatever is going on in your life - problems at school, challenges at home, complications with friends, or just an "I-woke-up-feeling-horrible" day - Hashem has given us a no-fail way to deal. It's called tefillah, prayer.

With its short, relatable daily readings, stories to illustrate every point, and brief summaries at the end of each reading, Praying With Fire for Teens shows teenagers (their parents, too!) how to pray effectively, with focus, concentration, and optimism, so that we get the most out of the fantastic gift Hashem has given us - the gift of prayer.

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Format : Paperback
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Release Date : 08/16/2019
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Language: English

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