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By Rabbi Yehoshua Berman (Author)

101 Engaging Questions to spur dynamic Torah conversation in any setting

By Rabbi Yehoshua Berman (Author)

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Have you ever wanted to strike up a Torah conversation but found yourself stymied?

We all know that learning Torah is the center of Jewish life. The Torah says quite clearly, "And you shall discuss them while sitting at home, and while travelling on the road." Divrei Torah are meant to occupy us - each individual according to his unique capabilities - in a continuous manner.

That's easier said than done, particularly if you are with other people and you just can't seem to think of anything that will strike up a meaningful, engaging Torah conversation. And it is especially challenging when we are with our children. We want to keep them engaged and interested in words of Torah - but how?

101 Engaging Questions offers us an effective and entertaining way to get our children, our friends, and, yes, ourselves engaged and excited about Torah topics. Each page offers a stimulating question, accompanied by a thought-provoking photograph. Turn the page and you will find the answer, plus unusual facts and points to think about. On a road trip, an airplane, or just sitting at your table with your family -101 is guaranteed to spark a satisfying and meaningful Torah conversation.

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