By C. Saphir (Author)

LifeLines 3

Ordinary People…Facing Extraordinary Challenges. Their Stories - and the Stories Behind Their Stories
By C. Saphir (Author)

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Why are C. Saphir's LifeLines stories so amazingly popular, both in their magazine format and in the bestselling books of the series?

Many of the stories have wonderful, inspiring happy endings. Others don't. Some are hard-hitting tales reflecting the challenges and problems of our society. Others are stories of people with circumstances unique to them. Some are raw or impassioned, others hopeful and warm.

But what makes all of these beautifully presented stories so popular is the sheer power of their authenticity. As the courageous men and women share their deepest thoughts and emotions, we feel a strong sense of connection with them, with their troubles and their triumphs.

In LifeLines 3, you're going to meet Shua, who fell down a cliff 60 feet, to the unforgiving rocks below-- on the best day of his life. You'll meet Shoshi, whose decision to adhere to daas Torah shocked an entire city, and sent her on a difficult, lonely, and intensely valuable journey. Moshe lost his sight in a terror attack and gained a whole new vision of life; "Duvi's mother" sends a late note, and we get a personal view into the life of an agunah.

The "Postscripts" attached to each of the stories add still another level of interest. They include readers' reactions to the stories or updates from the protagonists themselves. And -- a special treat -- you’ll also get to meet author C. Saphir, as she offers fascinating glimpses into the behind-the-scenes deliberations and decisions that go into the stories.

You want to know why the LifeLines books are so popular? Open this one and you'll see.

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