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By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib (Author)

The Halpern Edition - The Childhood Treasury

A collection of illumination, calligraphy, rituals, customs, essays, laws and inspiring stories
By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib (Author)

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The Childhood Treasury - A classic masterpiece
By renowned Judaica artist/author Rabbi Yonah Weinrib

Understand the meaning behind the celebration of each simcha! The baby gift that grows with the child… magnificent illuminations, insights and commentary by renowned Judaica artist/author Rabbi Yonah Weinrib on birthdays, bris, kiddush, shalom zachor, pidyon haben, upsherin, chinuch halachos and more.

Illuminations and commentary on nearly 300 pages!

Product Details

Catalog # WCHIH
ISBN-10 : 142262787X
ISBN # : 9781422627877
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 288
Dimensions : 8.5 x 11 inches
Weight: 2 LBS
Published By : Judaica Illuminations
Release Date : 10/18/2021
Size : Standard
Language: English
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