Ratz Katzvi

An In-Depth Exploration of the Laws Pertaining to Fertility, Yichus, Marital Relationships, Transplants

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This groundbreaking work is an essential resource for rabbis, physicians, couples longing for children and their families, and counselors. In recent decades, the field of fertility has seen an explosion of innovations, enabling countless people to become parents. With these developments come halachic issues of enormous gravity - issues that, because of their newness, are not directly addressed in the Talmud and classic halachic literature. But the halachic principles are there. It remains for the great poskim to apply and define them.

Rabbi Zvi Ryzman is a pioneer in this research. In this unprecedented volume, he presents his years of consultations with leading poskim and medical practitioners. This book has no equal. It is essential reading for poskim, physicians, and families dealing with the pain of childlessness.

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ISBN-10 : 1422630897
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Format : Hardcover
Pages : 652
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Release Date : 01/07/2021

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