By Fradl Adams (Author)

Our Morah In Uniform

Rebbetzin Sara Murik: Leading with Love, Teaching with Joy
By Fradl Adams (Author)

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How did she do it?

How did Rebbetzin Sara Murik -- the beloved, larger-than-life “Morah Murik” -- live a life of such vast accomplishment and overflowing love? How did she care for thousands -- and for every individual Jew? How did a little Yerushalmi girl become one of America’s most renowned Bais Yaakov educators?

Proudly wearing her school uniform, like every other Bais Yaakov girl under her care, Morah Murik rarely walked. “Our Morah in Uniform” raced and danced and sang through the corridors of the schools she founded, first in Chicago and later in Lakewood.

For Morah Murik, no task was too small: Though principal of the school, she would wash the floors in the absence of the janitor. And no challenge was too large -- not even the daunting task of founding a brand new school at the age of 70.

How did she do it? Through the 7 simple words that defined her life:

I Love Hashem ... And Hashem Loves Me!

Empowered by Hashem’s love for her, she in turn had an overflowing love for His people. She was a joyous and creative educator, not afraid to discipline, but always with compassion and caring. Now, even after her passing, Morah Murik continues her life’s work through this absorbing, engaging biography, still teaching us to feel the strength of Hashem’s love for us, and helping us return that love to Him and to His children.

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