By Rabbi David Ashear (Author)

Living Emunah on Shidduchim - Pocket Size Paperback

Searching for the Right One with Serenity and Faith
By Rabbi David Ashear (Author)

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Rabbi David Ashear, originator and author of the Living Emunah series, brings his unforgettable emunah insights and stories to one of the most important – and often most stressful – parts of our lives: finding a shidduch for our children or for ourselves.

How can we stay calm and tranquil when the wait to find a shidduch for ourselves or our loved ones sometimes seems almost endless? How should a person react in the face of disappointment? With sensitivity, compassion, and – of course! – emunah, Living Emunah on Shidduchim offers Torah insights and powerful stories to guide us through the “parashah” of shidduchim.

With more than 300,000 copies in print, the Living Emunah series has touched so many lives. In Living Emunah on Shidduchim Rabbi Ashear shows us how everyone involved in the world of shidduchim – parents, friends, shadchanim, and, of course, those waiting for their basherte -- can turn a challenging and tense time into a vehicle for growth, tranquility, and ever-strengthening emunah.

Watch our Inside Artscroll interview with the author, Rabbi David Ashear

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