By Rabbi Yaakov E. Forchheimer (Reviewed by)

A Guide To Refuah on Shabbos

Practical halachos for common medical situations
By Rabbi Yaakov E. Forchheimer (Reviewed by)

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From minor ailments to major medical crises: Dealing with unexpected health situations on Shabbos can be challenging.

Through his Hebrew-language halachah sefarim, Rabbi Avrohom Yaged has earned a stellar reputation for clarifying complex halachah topics in an easy and understandable way. Rabbi Yaged is a dynamic rav who has become the address for many modern-day questions.

Now, for the English-speaking public, Rabbi Yaged brings us A Guide to Refuah on Shabbos, which includes both the general principles of healing on Shabbos and the halachos of how to deal with specific medical situations.

In writing the sefer, Rabbi Yaged worked closely with Harav Yaakov E. Forchheimer, the senior halachic authority of Beis Medrash Govoha, who reviewed all the halachos, and whose piskei halachah appear throughout the sefer.

What is considered a life-threatening situation? How high does fever have to be to pose a danger to life? What if a child needs stitches? What about painkillers or medicines? May an allergic person carry an Epi-pen? What are the halachos of going to the hospital on Shabbos to give birth?

Refuah on Shabbos discusses these and so many other halachos, offering clear guidelines to help navigate this complex and vital subject.

Refuah on Shabbos includes a comprehensive index to ensure easy access to the relevant halachos, as well as detailed sources for those looking for a deeper understanding of the topic. Refuah on Shabbos is an essential "halachic first aid manual" a practical guide that should - yes, that must -- be on the bookshelf of every Jewish home.

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