By Maier Cahan (Author) Yosef Neumark (Illustrator)

Between My Father and the Old Fool (Hardcover)

A Holocaust Memoir
By Maier Cahan (Author) Yosef Neumark (Illustrator)

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He could save his life and lose his soul.Or he could save his soul and lose his life.

This is but one of the many challenges that confronted Maier Cahan, a young man with phenomenal courage and quick wits. And it's just part of his great and exciting story, retold here in a can't-put-down book that reads like a novel - but it really happened. It is a story of danger and survival. The story of a young man who would not surrender to despair - and who emerged triumphant. The radiance of his soul remained intact through the worst of times, and the scars on his body healed with time. Maeir's story happened during the Holocaust, but this is not a "conventional" Holocaust memoir. First of all, it is brilliantly written. Most of all, it is a story of the power of the human spirit, especially the flaming and enduring Jewish spirit that would not give in. This is a timeless book, a study in suspense, a case study in inspiration, and book that will make every reader proud to have come to know Maeir Cahan.

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Release Date : 07/21/2004
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